Sunday, 14 August 2011

The Parker Myth Perpetuated!

Many have asked how I justify my criticism of Parker given he was voted Player of the Year last season and I have maintained all along that the press made Parker the story last season and wrote a predetermined script all season. Well they were at it again today. I quote from the BBC match report:

"The Hammers, with influential midfielder Scott Parker excelling at the heart of a 4-5-1 formation, dominated in the first half."

Interesting. Scotty didn't score, of course, and didn't have a hand in the goal, but he was "excelling" apparently. Not Nolan, of course, who scored and who hit the bar. Nor Collison, of course, who created. But Scotty.

Now I didn't see the match but I did read the Official Site match report minute by minute and I was struck by the following:

90 mins: "In the final minute of the 90 and West Ham have the ball deep inside the Doncaster half until Parker loses it."


67 mins: "Cripes! Parker loses possession inside the Doncaster half and it's two on two."

Apart from that, Parker gets just three mentions - for winning two free kicks and making one block. No defence splitting passes worthy of mention and no shots. And this is from an Official Site dedicated to talking up Parker in the hope of getting him off the wage bill. Hmmm.


ClaretNBlues said...

I have said it before and I will say it again, Parker was player of the year in a pathetic, lazy and poor team! I would have been player of the year in that team and I'm crap!

Scotty was a good player in a crap team, no more, no less! If he stays, then great, we will have a hard working capable midfielder. If we can get £7Million for him, then we have to grab that money and run!

I see far too many people branding him a legend. These people must be 15 year old, wet behind the ears schoolboys who obviously have no idea what a legend is! They obviously have no idea who Bonzo and Devo were!

Is Scotty a legend? Not even close!

Is he a good player who would be an asset if he stays? Probably!

Should we sell him for £6-7 Million and spend the money and wages on a decent striker? ABSOLUTELY!

Hammersfan said...

Spot on C&B. But I'm not convinced he is even "good" in the role that Doctor Evil is employing him. Shop window stuff I suspect and preparing Noble for the holding role once Parker has gone. If he stays, he has to hold!

ClaretNBlues said...

Have to admit, since Sam took over, Parker has been pretty non existent as far as I can see! If it IS shop window stuff, he;s not doing himself any favours.

If Spuds don't cough up the £7Million, the Daves want for him, I can't see him going!

No one seems to want him!

Anonymous said...

Well done on your consistent stance on Parker.
If only more people saw the light.
We could be getting so much more for 70 grand a week.

Anonymous said...

Spot on about Parker. I would go a step further. Until he goes, the team cannot begin to progress. And in fact, despite how well he played last year individually, he is ironically the biggest source of the team's failure last season along with Cole. The reliance on those two players stifled others and set the tone for the way the team played. They both have to go.

US HF said...

I agree HF, Parker is simply out there for shopping purposes. When not if he stays might we consider putting him on the bench? In my eyes collison MUST start, and Noble needs grooming time. If we are to go back up we need to know sooner than later our answers at midfield. If Noble is to stay and be groomed as a starting holding mid than west ham could have a great looking future w collison an noble together