Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Mouloungui Prefers Nice to Newham! Cheek!

Well the bloody nerve of it! Doctor Evil target Mouloungui has announced that he would rather stay in Nice than move to West Ham. What's wrong with the guy? What has Nice got that Newham lacks?

OK Newham hasn't got the Med, but Wanstead Flats is just up the road. True Nice is known as Nice La Belle but Cockneys are born within the sound of Bow Bells. OK the Nice summer lasts for six months but the sun comes out sometimes in East London. True the temperature is above 20 degrees in November in Nice but you can always wear gloves when playing at Upton Park. Then there's the French women and the French food and the French wine but you can live without all that and there's always Faces!

The guy must be off his rocker. Let's face it, if he came to Upton Park he could go out on the town with Julian Faubert and tip rubbish in the Essex countryside with Freddie Piquionne! With action like that, why would you want to live in the South of France?


Johntan said...

This is what we missed out on:


Absolutely sickened!!!

ClaretNBlues said...

Err, he's flying in for a medical tomorrow mate!

Andy said...

Yeah, how very dare he!
On another note, have you heard the latest on QPR...? Warnock is being linked to Ilunga. You couldn't make it up!

USA Dave said...

Calret, where did you get that info? Its nowhere online that I can find.

Johntan said...

Yes he is flying in for the medical -just found it.

Hammersfan said...

Some say he is, some say he isn't. Let's see shall we?