Sunday, 21 August 2011

West Ham 2 Leeds 2 - Will somebody please put IIunga out of our misery?

They shoot old horses don't they? So why not crap donkeys who play at left back? Ilunga cost us 2 points against Cardiff and he cost us 2 points today. Two home games and 4 points surrendered because Ilunga can't close, can't tackle and can't be arsed. It's three goals conceded at Upton Park and all three goals have come from our left with Ilunga losing possession, Ilunga being turned and Ilunga jogging . If Doctor Evil starts him next game, nobody will convince me this isn't Avram in an Allardyce mask!

We were crap today and so lucky to come away with a point. The Leeds own goal was the best finish I've seen at Upton Park for two years and there's no way Cole knew where his deflected goal was going. Credit to him for getting his foot across the defender to get the deflection but, on the evidence of the second, he should have just left it to his marker to apply a better finishing touch!

I'll whisper this quietly because I was such a fan of his before he joined, but Nolan was shit. We should have been 3-1 ahead by the time that Ilunga said "It's open house down our left" for the umpteenth time in the game, but "Our Kev" chose to trap the ball rather than bury it. Collison also missed a great opportunity with a header from a yard out straight at the Leeds keeper - who also made a great save to keep the score at 2-1.

Apart from Ilunga, the worst performance today was from the idiot with the whistle. He got it spot on (excuse the pun) for the penalty he awarded - which thankfully Gradel missed - but how he failed to punish the first half foul on Cole and the Parker rush of blood in the second is beyond me. Parker an England player? Watch that challenge a few times and shudder!

All the football today was played by Leeds and they were, frankly, unlucky to only share the points. We went long ball and we got what we deserved - except we ended up with a point. Was this the Leeds hoodoo striking again? No. It was poor football, poor substitutions - why Piquionne for Noble for God's sake when you are 2-1 ahead? - and poor tactics. Leeds came out for the second half fired up, we came out half asleep. I blamed Zola, you blamed Grant, now maybe we should all point the finger at the bloody players!

Player ratings: Green 7: O'Brien 6, Tomkins 7, Reid 6, Ilunga 1; Collison 4, Parker 6, Noble 5, Nolan 4, Taylor 5; Cole 6 Subs Faubert 6, Carew 5, Piquionne 1


beelzebub said...

The bit i just dont understand....we have a 5 man midfield with ALL premership level players.... yet green completed more passes to Cole than the midfield...

With such a strong midfield, capable of close contact 1 touch triangle football that would destroy teams in this league, leaving them chase shadows...but instead we go over them ?? how many times today did the defence have the ball and just played it back to green to hoof aimlessly long ?? how many times today did you see a confident dominant midfield from west ham ??

In my opinion we have to many central midfielders, noble, nolan, collison, taylor and parker does not work at all for me.

I think we looked to have much better shape when collison came off putting on a player who actually will play wide right wing.

I also dont understand the 4-5-1 formation at home, but i guess without a scorer to play off the holding forward it will do for now (or are we trying to accomadate that midfield 5 again ?? )

Acid said...

nice to read a good blog from a Hammer.. Unlike Big Sam that's clearly trying to keep the fans happy.. We, Leeds, deserved the point, if not the win. You guys should come good soon, be good for the prem if we both get to go up. MOT! trying to keep the fans happy.. We, Leeds, deserved the point, if not the win. You guys should come good soon, be good for the prem if we both get to go up. MOT!

Yorkybar said...

Well done for a honest unbiased report. Cole was rubbish, Nolan not worth his wages but Carew made a big difference when he came on.
Leeds will play worse this season and get a better result

Clez said...

HF - we know Ilunga can be a liability, but I too was wondering where Nolan was. Other than the poor miss and a comedy fall, I did not see him at all - and it was a similar story against Cardiff. Perhaps his legs really have gone as my Newcastle mates were telling me....worrying. Positives, Carew looked like he will really help us - when he came on we began to dominate as the ball did not keep coming back. Also, stone the crows, never thought I say it, but we were better with Faubert than without him. He showed desire and some nice touches - how strange!

Anonymous said...

as a leeds fan i looked at you midfield before thge game and thought jesus, Clayton and Howson don't stand a chance here today,i thought nolan was crap looked overweight and just didn't compete,not easy this league as you are finding out !!

Anonymous said...

Kevin in Manchester writes..

As previously noted, the championship is a tough old place; we simply cannot assume that we ought to win matches like these. So number one priority has to be to get the mind set right; stop thinking we are on loan from the PL.

Number two banish the Upton Park hoodoo- you can smell the fear.

Today the ref denied us two nailed on penalties- the trip on Cole and when their defender more or less had his shirt off.- had we put them away- as our play deserved- we'd have been out of sight.

But admit it, Leeds were also very good today. Gradel on this form would be a handful for any defence. They simply had more bottle than us but they won't be able to keep that up week in week out- whereas I believe we will get better as we adjust to the division.

We also need another forward -badly- for all the impressive stuff outside the penalty box and down the flanks, a single target man and or relying on midfield goals is a risky stretegy.

Yes Nolan was a bit shit today butu everyone has off days.

After Watford I said we'd lose two, draw two and win five to reach the quater mark with 23 points- I had Leeds down as a loss - so we're a point ahead and we aren't Leicester

John said...

Leeds were fast, had energy and flair.We had sluggish quality.
As usual in the first half we did far too much passing across the field and back to Green and played too deep. Green once again seemed glued to his line instead of coming out and saving his defenders from awkward situations.
Our attempts on goal lacked determination. I thought the football was generally of a high standard and the match very enjoyable. I agree considering Leeds missed a penalty, scored three of the four goals, deserved to win.What a disappointment Hammers were. On this display can't see them getting promoted.

Masty said...

I think we are going to see a lot of performances of this ilk from Nolan. From what I read on Newcastle forums he goes missing throughout many games but can pop up with a goal. If he had tucked away that chance at the end todays game would have been the perfect example.

George said...

Clez the reason why faubert surprised you is because he was played in his proper position and not right back where avram kept putting him

Hammersfan said...

Zola started it!

Anonymous said...

Top effort and accurate assessment of the game (for a change).

I'm a big Leeds fan and was shitting myself before the game wondering how we would cope with your midfield.....I couldn't have been more wrong. I certainly wouldn't swap our midfield for yours after that showing. We had energy and bite in the middle with Clayton taking the piss out of Parker for most of the game, also had good creativity from both wings.

Big fat Sam really made a dick out of himself during that interview as well. Needs to take those tinted glassed off.....the only way West Ham would score (their own) goal today was launching the ball in from either a corner or a free kick.

John said...

I know Collison was playing out of position but he looked fragile, lacked passion and really just wasn't up for the occasion. Noble didn't appear that interested in proceedings and really out of the five midfielder's Parker was the only player who put in a display of maximum effort, the other four did not earn their money today and we will never win games unless this changes.

Anonymous said...

bitchy HF very bitchy!

Anonymous said...

Why the picture of a black dog? oh, right.... I get is now - hahahaha

apache said...

Fanno, I'm surprised you missed the chance.

I was at the game today. Right in front of me, in the 89th minute, Parker won a great challenge/interception, went passed a player or two and powered into the box.

Nothing was on, another Hammer (can't remember which one was stealing in but was surrounded by Leeds players).

" PIROUETTE, PIROUETTE" I was mentally screaming at Parker thinking he'll turn around, head towards the corner flag and count down the seconds.

Oh no, he tried a hopeless pass which was too easily intercepted, Leeds broke and scored from that attack.

My opinion from being at the game today was that our midfield was too good for their's, but that led to an arrogance which never translated into the urgency that I think we need.

Leeds never looked like troubling us in the last 20 minutes although overall they were equal to us and so to lose by that 89th minute goal was a sickener.

I don't think we did look fragile at the end like we usually do going into the last 10 minutes with a single goal lead.

Dave said...

I have to admit I didn't watch the match today (as I promised myself I wouldn't after the Cardiff debacle). From all accounts I was one of the lucky few who didn't!

To be honest with you I never really expected any different after 'Ego' Allardyce was appointed our new head clown, did you?

Unfortunately I was born with the curse of West Ham flowing through my veins and there's nothing I can do to change that, God knows I have wished so many times in the past that I could. That said, I can't bear to sit and watch our sub-standard team play Fat Sam's old-Bolton-style football in a 2nd-tier football league for as long as a second more..I deserve better as do we all. I would rather watch paint dry TBH!

We are a premiership club because our proud history dictates, but make no mistake and kid ourselves not - WE ARE NOT A PREMIERSHIP TEAM! And have not been since a few months after Zola was handed our reigns. Not that I'm entirely blaming Zola mind you - under the circumstances the guy did as good as could be expected with what little managerial experience he had acquired when he was recklessly hired, plus the fact that the players were sold from under him and still to this day they have not been replaced.

Our owners are a joke and so too has our once noble club, as a result, become one also. All brace yourselves for more of the same until they're gone, 'cause things ain't gonna get any better until we move grounds I'm afraid! We are going to struggle in this league and whether we like it or not, with our current team and tactics, we will remain here until it suits those mentioned above to not be.

I salute every last one of you Hammers fans for digging-in and sticking with this rubbish! But for self preservation, and the fact that I can't get behind: owners; a manager; the players and tactics that i don't like or believe in any more, I'm afraid that I have to end this nightmare now to live to fight another day! Good luck, and goodbye for now. At least I'm not off to another team unlike the other rats that deserted us.

Keep on keeping on Hammersfan, the fans need your honesty!

It's been emotional!

Hammersfan said...

Nah Dave, hang on in there. We have to ride the punches as Hammers fans. Take a deep breath, say a prayer and expect defeat before every game - then you may be pleasantly surprised. This was Leeds. We got a point!

Stani said...

Isn't it strange we start scoring from set pieces now that Noble's not taking them?

That fall from Nolan was hilarious. If he thinks he can come down a division and take it easy (fitness, motivation wise), then Big Pam needs to put a rocket up his arse.

Ilunga gets worryingly he's a center half forced to play left back. He cannot be doing this as the opposition have too much space and time on the right whilst our defence scrambles for position

Anonymous said...

Can someone explain why noble was taken off for a striker when you're defending a lead and their midfield is running over the top of yours? Outside of the missed penalty, Gradel was brilliant, let's sign him up!

Stani said...

And weren't Faubert's crosses a bit delicious? They should work on getting the strikers to anticipate his early balls in training now. All we need to do is drop Noble and bring in Collison or Barrera in the middle with Faubert on the right. Bosh!

Chunky said...

Nolan was shocking! He seems to have caught Hitz syndrome. A little perspective is needed here i think. I was disappointed to drop 2 points here but it was Leeds, and they are one of the better teams we will face this year so a draw isn't a disaster.

On a brighter note, my laundry basket God paid me another visit this weekend, slapped me and handed me a nice little accumulator winner. Picture a 21st century, urban, happy slapping, Moses and the burning bush type scenario.

The Lord Giveth....

Moreno said...

Newcastle fan here.

Nolan scored a lot of his goals because of Carroll and Ameobi knocking it down. If you don't have a big centre forward who can hold it up he is ineffectual. His fitness is also a concern but good luck to you boys this season.

Just wanted to ask, what do you think about him coming out and begging Joey to join him? What a mercenary he is.

Always gushing how much he loved the toon fans and has done nothing but disrespect the club since he left. Sounds bitter if you ask me as we replaced him with Cabaye who is a much better player.

He needs to spend more time concentrating on you lot than taking snipes at his old club in my opinion...

...oh and Joey wouldn't come, his ego couldn't stand a drop and to be honest, he has the ability to compete in the Premier League where as Nolan doesn't anymore!

Anonymous said...

I'm not trying to stir guys but if Big sam gets u up get used to ugly football. He'll never change his ways. we used to play 4-5-1 at home all the time, very frustrating. Big Sams philosophy is 'dont let the opposition score' he'll admit this himself. 1-0 every game, sam will be happy. (who wouldnt) but it doesnt always end like this.
Nolan is never busy, just has a knack of turning up in front of goal.