Monday, 15 August 2011

Fair Play to Barton

Now that's not a headline I ever anticipated writing! However, the footballing thug named after a budgie was honest, contrite and persuasive when he appeared on 606 tonight. Very few footballers would have put themselves on the line like this and hardly any would have been willing to field vitriol from angry fans. But Barton was man enough to do it and sounded surprisingly intelligent in the process.

Unlike Wenger, Barton was happy to admit to a mistake when calling Gervinho a cheat for diving. Joey accepted that there was contact in the box and so there was a case - though a weak one in his opinion - for a penalty.

Full marks to the bastard at the back of the class. He is a shit undoubtedly but not a thick shit. A bastard with a brain, the most dangerous bastard on the block!


Spigz said...

Barton is a legend, Gervinho is scum - along with Suarez, Nani and all the other play acting, diving cheats.

I hate Barton as much as the next man, but he took a stand to defend the game as a contact sport. I don't want to watch basketball, netball or some other girly crap - football is football, toughen up and play fair!

Stani said...

You should read some of his tweets....surprisingly intelligent. I'll post one in particular that surprised me.

In the mean, here's an unrelated article I thought you may wanna read HF. Your thoughts on what the writer says?

Stani said...

What the hell are Nolan and Taylor playing at?

Have they brought Dale in as first team coach or something? He has been suspiciously get the team line ups correct recently

Hammersfan said...

The trouble is Spigz, he playacted with the worst of them when he got that hand in the face. There was no need to go down and writhe in agony as if he had had acid thrown in his face was there?