Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Scott Parker - A North London Dutch Auction or a Spurs and Arsenal Bidding War?

Well the window slams shut in a couple of weeks and Scotty Parker is still marooned at West Ham, trapped by his absurdly inflated salary and his birth certificate. Basically, Wenger and Levy are not in the habit of spending big money on old players and whilst 'Arry will buy any clapped out old banger on the market, he does not have access to the vault beneath White Hart Lane - because Tottenham don't want to go the way of Bournemouth, West Ham, Portsmouth and Southampton! On the other hand, the Arsenal board are desperate to spend by Wenger seems to think it is his own money. He will be seeing the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future before you know it.

But with Modric still linked with a move to Chelsea, and Arsenal stripped of Fabregas, both need to bolster their midfields, and experience does have a value. It could be that once one expresses a firm interest in Parker, the other will follow; but conversely, both may sit on their wads and only come in at the last moment, offering a knock down price in acknowledgement of our desperate need to offload. It is bloody frustrating because until the Parker fiasco is resolved, our hands are tied in the transfer market.

I have maintained all along that Sullivan & Gold got it wrong when they gave Parker that contract extension and as every day goes by, so I am proved more and more right. Interestingly, opinion is now turning. Where before, any criticism of Parker bought howls of derision, now fans are accusing him of wanting out and expressing the hope that he goes sooner rather than later. We should have sold him last summer just as I said!


Anonymous said...

If we hadn't have given Parker that new contract and we still were relegated then you and everyone else would be blaming the board for selling our best player (at that time).

The board obviously thought Parker would help us to survive but they didn't take the rest of the team into account.

Its just the way football works. No-one is to blame so behave yourself HF!

I think everyone realises that Parker must go - the fans know it, the club know it, the player knows it. The trouble is that other clubs know it too.

USA Dave said...

17:57, you are 100% correct. SuGoBrat, for all of their idiocy, had no choice at the time. It was a lose lose.

And you are again right, in my opinion, that he must go. One gets the feeling that when he does the team will actually start to take shape. Cant put my finger on why exactly. Just a gut.