Friday, 19 August 2011

Will QPR learn from our mistakes?

So, in comes Fernandes armed with Mittal's billions, and there's talk already of shopping in Harrod's. Suddenly, every club contacted by the Rs will think, "Hang on, we can have a bit of their dosh!". There are echoes here of when the Icelandics came in to Upton Park and splashed the cash - and look how that ended up!

The roll call of signings from that mad spell when little old West Ham thought we were punching in the heavyweight division brings all fans out in a rash: Dyer for £6million. Parker for £6million. Bellamy for £8million. Ljungberg for £4million (and another £4million to buy out his contract). Quashie for £2million. Davenport for £2million. Boa-Morte for £6million. Faubert for £6million. Neill for £1.5 million and the GNP of Australia in signing on fees and wages and Solano for £1.5million. As a club we lost a fortune, our heart and our soul and we are still paying for it.

Now, not only will the clubs want a slice of the QPR "windfall", but the players' agents will fancy a cut too. Where previously they were thinking £20k per week for QPR, they will now be doubling it and adding ten.

Interesting days ahead. QPR would do well to learn from our lesson.


Anonymous said...

You bitter and twisted little man - of course we won't go the same way as you wet spammers - our guys have money after the banking crisis and not before you buffoon.

Anonymous said...

I remember you being rather excited when the icelandics took charge - I certainly don't remember you saying "hang on lads this is wrong - we're spending too much" and that sir makes you a pillock.

Anonymous said...

I don't care. In todays world there are much more important things than QPR and who they may or may not buy, their contract details etc. Example, you want an example? ok.... why didn't I have a teacher like Miss Johnson (above).

jimwhu said...

who gives a fcuk

Hammersfan said...

How do you "remember" that? This blog wasn't operational at the time! Mind you, it was reasonable to feel "rather excited at the time". Weren't you? If you weren't, you are an odd fan, and if you were, by your own definition, that makes you a pillock 0929.