Tuesday, 23 August 2011

A New Golden Generation!

One of the exciting things about the teams being evolved at Man Utd and Liverpool is that they include Englishmen. Suddenly the future of the national team is looking surprisingly exciting.

Any competent manager would now start building a team to challenge for the World Cup in 3 years time. Write off the European Championship, lets qualify and give the kids tournament experience without any pressure of expectation. Of course, that aint going to happen with Capello at the helm but I would wave him goodbye as soon as qualification is achieved and turn to Venables for the tournament. No pressure, just pick the kids, imbue them with confidence and see how far they take us!

How about this as a team to take us forward?

Hart (Man City)

Johnson (Liverpool) Jones (Man Utd) Smalling (Man Utd) Cole (Chelsea)

Walcott (Arsenal) Wilshere (Arsenal)  Henderson (Liverpool) Young (Man Utd)

Carroll (Liverpool) Rooney (Man Utd)

On the bench: Tomkins (West Ham), Cleverley (Man Utd), Albrighton (Villa), Welbeck (Man Utd), Rodwell (Everton), Clark (Villa), Agbonlahor (Villa), Richards (Man City), Kelly (Liverpool), McEachran (Chelsea), Harper (Newcastle), Ruddy (Norwich)

Kick the old failures into touch and build for the future!


Anonymous said...

No Kyle Walker? I'd pick him over Glen Johnson anyday!

fred149 said...

MMM i would have tomkins over phil jones

Anonymous said...

Also, isnt Holt from Norwich English?

Hammersfan said...

Ferguson wouldn't Fred, and his record is better than yours! Have you seen where your fantasy team is in the table and where Ferguson's team is in the real table? ; }

Hammersfan said...

It wasn't deliberate but look at how the big clubs dominate that first 11!

Anonymous said...

"Ferguson wouldn't Fred, and his record is better than yours! Have you seen where your fantasy team is in the table and where Ferguson's team is in the real table? ; } "

I agree with this point. However, it doesn't stop you from writing your blog as if you know better than everyone else, including managers!

Hammersfan said...

But I do and Fred doesn't! My fantasy team is above his in the table! And above Stani's and above Turds's team!

fred149 said...

Wait if its about the n-power one im on my way up and ifs its the prem one i havent checked it lol but phil jones is massivley overrrated and ive heard from a few blackburn fans that they think man u are mugs for paying 18 mill

tommy said...

Not Henderson, the guy is total cr'p and there are a few other faces in there I wouldn't have but the point you are making I agree with. I don't see the point of staying with the likes of Terry, Rio, Fatty and Gerrard they did nothing in their prime, they'll do nothing now. But this would never happen, we can't just throw away a tournament, I know we won't win it, but we can't be seen to just be writing off a major tournament, the FA, the media and the public just wouldn't allow that to happen. But I do think that players like Smalling, Jones, Walker and Sturridge should gradually be eased into the national side although to be fair to Capello he's already started with Wilshere, Gibbs, Henderson, Welbeck and Carroll.

Stani said...

Ooooo, HF. You're gonna get it!

Yeh, I'd have Walker instead of Johnson too. Jones is better than Tomkins Fred.

Henderson HF? Hahaaa!

And where's the Noble? :)

Dazthehammer said...

Nice Squad, but i would have any rightback ahead of Johnson (Richards, Kelly, Walker). I think Harper is 36 and pretty much past it, aswel as Kyle Walker, i would have in there Leighton Baines, Kieron Gibbs, Adam Johnson, Daniel Sturridge (if he moves and plays more), Oxlade- Chamberlain and you might laugh but Matt Jarvis, compare him to Walcott, he has the end product, despite having less pace can actually beat a man, a tricky winger that can cross a ball

fred149 said...

MMM stani i would bring in noble for cover but with players like wilshere aint much room for him and i dont get what the deal is with phil jones he does not seem that good and man u got ripped off paying over the odds for him.


honestly henderson he was not even worth half of that 20 mil transfer fee liverpool paid