Thursday, 18 August 2011

The N Power has gone crazy!

Well it looks like this is going to be one mad, crazy roller coaster of a season! How long before the Swedish arse Sven is told he has no ikea and is flatpacked out of the midlands? Two home defeats in a row is not what is expected after a small fortune has been invested! I have Maynard in my fantasy team so I was doubly delighted by his double strike, but how many points did he cost me by missing that penalty? But that is a minor concern, what's more important is that we sit 3 points above the pre season favourites for the title.

Meanwhile, Cardiff were stuffed by Brighton. It seems as if the two south coast promoted clubs have forgotten how not to win! It's been a great start for Southampton and Brighton but I would be surprised if they can keep it going over 46 games. Adrenaline can only take you so far!

For a while it looked as if Millwall would climb above us, but the third promoted team showed great fighting spirit and secured a draw, whilst Derby maintained their 100% start at the expense of Blackpool. There's something mighty odd going on in both the Prem and the Championship with playing at home seemingly a disadvantage!

Who do we have to worry about? Leicester will surely improve. Southampton may stay the course. Miserableboro could put in a sustained challenge. I still fancy Blackpool. But this division is there for the taking!


Stani said...

You jammy git! You may just go top HF!

Hammersfan said...

LOL Were my transfers of Lallana and Lambert through in time? That would be bloody annoying if they weren't!

Stani said...

As long as they were before kick off mate, I think you're ok. You had Whittingham and Tomka too! More goals than you have hairs on your head!

Dazthehammer said...

i had maynard and lallana aswel as tompkins, gunter and emmanuel-thomas, ha, not a bad week for scoring