Thursday, 29 September 2011

Captain Nolan still talking the talk!

Gone: Last season's captain Kevin Nolan has joined West Ham
You have to love the guy don't you? Hot on the heels of another inept personal and team performance, Captain Kev has come out and told the OS how we are targeting victory at Palace on Saturday.

Or are we? Sadly not. Nolan talks about digging people out and waving the finger in the dressing room, building up to a Scotty Churchill big finish. But when it comes to the crescendo, it all falls away as something of a damp squib.

Is Captain Kev predicting three points on Saturday? Maybe. But not definitely. One point would do apparently! Nolan says, "If we react in a positive manner on Saturday and go away and get something, whether it is a point or all three, we can't afford to give sloppy goals away."

So expect another conservative display. Doctor Evil and Smiling Kev seem to think we are still in the Premiership, their targets are so low! Kick an advertising board or two, grumble about mistakes at set pieces and late goals, then carry on like before.

Where is the bloody ambition? When will Nolan stop talking the talk and start walking the walk exactly?


Anonymous said...

kevin in manchester writes

i can't remember if it was KUMB or OS he did admit that he's been playing like a drain and needs to get his act together.

Stani said...

He'll be alright, don't worry. Let Pam settle on personnel and a formation, and we'll see Nolan's better qualities

Stani said...

Apparently we've already made contact about Tevez

Anonymous said...

Posted on the O/S that someone actually asked LLardyAss about it in the Friday press conference (& fair play to them!)

To which LLardyAss replied "EEEEEEEEE Bloody hellfire,bread's better with nowt teken owt" so make of that as you will....

Jonny Hammer

Anonymous said...

Kevin in manchester writes ..

except that lardy arse, as you put it, would never have said that he's from Dudley ..

USA Dave said...

And the news keeps getting worse.

Green out for 6 weeks with a knee injury.

Almunia on loan from Arse. At UP now.

Ryan said...

Well, Nolan is the captain. We can forgive him for talking up an upcoming fixture.

What concerns me is, as you've said previously, his uncanny ability to go missing in games. We were all under the impression that when Nolan joined he'd be playing off the main striker, banging in a few goals and getting involved in attacking plays. Whilst this does in many ways rely on the much maligned long ball style of play, I don't think any of us foresaw what's happening now, which is basically Cole isolated all on his own and Nolan nowhere to be seen. Conservative hoofing of the ball up pitch and the opposition reclaim possession. Classic Big Sam, really, leaving Nolan lost in the middle.

I still hold out optimism. He's a great leader which is what we need for this division. And I do hope you don't turn him into another anti-Parker crusade which at times was tiresome to read. But you are right in your criticisms of his play. I'd say Big Sam should utilise him correctly but it doesn't hide the fact that he's playing with his head up his arse.

Stani said...

We signed Almunia on loan!

Has his odd blunder but not a bad signing in my opinion. Green's out for 6 weeks.