Thursday, 1 September 2011

The return of the Bentley Boys!

Oh the irony! We shipped out the Bentley boys because of their attitude and now we have brought in the real deal! So, we have shipped out Lady Penelope's chauffeur and brought in her motor instead!


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Anonymous said...

Would it really be too difficult to make a comment on some positives for a change? the win a Nottingham Forest, the reduction of the wage bill or heavens forbid a comment or two on the many new players to join us?

Stani said...

Bit of a coup don't you think HF? I reckon he'll do well for us especially with Carlton and big John Carew in the middle.

Now we just need to drop Noble so we can bloody play 4-4-2 and not worry that we need an extra midfielder to cover for Nobes.

Anonymous said...

I am a Happy Hammer.
what a positive squad:
Squad numbers announced:
1 Robert Green
2 Winston Reid
3 George McCartney
4 Kevin Nolan
5 James Tomkins
7 Sam Baldock
8 David Bentley
9 Carlton Cole
10 Jack Collison
11 John Carew
14 Matt Taylor
15 Abdoulaye Faye
16 Mark Noble
17 Joey O'Brien
18 Julien Faubert
19 Freddie Sears
20 Guy Demel
21 Papa Bouba Diop
22 Henri Lansbury
23 Herita Ilunga
24 Frank Nouble
26 Brian Montenegro
27 Jordan Spence
28 Peter Kurucz
29 Marek Stech
30 Frederic Piquionne
31 Ruud Boffin
32 Gary O'Neil

John V P

Sav said...

I am changing the subject really, but can you or Stani explain this to me? I know I take the mickey of you about cricket whenever I can but really I understand anyone's passion for a sport, even if it is cricket.

This is it. The Great Britain basket ball team has made it to the finals of the Eurobasket currently taking place in Lithuania. Can you believe it that your national team's games are not being televised?!!! This is the most important competition this side of the Atlantic as fas as basket is concerned at the national level. All the NBA greats like Nowitski, Parker or the Gasol brothers have returned to help their teams win this prestigious tournament. It is a huge thing everywhere in Europe, except in the United Kingdom! It is totally beyond comprehension! Particularly because your national team has actually made it the finals this time round. Only in Britain something like this can actually happen!

Hammersfan said...

I know a member of the squad Sav and he has to give up holiday leave to participate!

It is easy to explain. It is a poxy game where it is easier to score than not score and, far too often, games are decided by time outs securing possession of the ball at the crucial moment just before the game ends. The commentator must say "This really is an end to end game" every two seconds! And any game that depends 99% on physical stature is ridiculous in my humble opinion. Give Doctor Evil his way and football would be populated exclusively by 6 feet plus athletes but thankfully Barcelona prove that skill can still defeat brute force. The guy I know is 6ft 3 tall (I think) and is short! Stupid!

Sav said...

Are you sure it has nothing to do with the fact that unlike almost all the other games it is an American rather than a British invention? A good friend of mine in London use to say to me "we British have invented all the games in the world so that the whole world would beat us...".

You are wrong about Basket ball. It is a very exciting game and although being tall helps like all the other games you also need smaller agile players to make a good team. Perhaps you should watch it if the British tvs decide to televise it finally!

Hammersfan said...

Smaller, agile guys being 6ft 2"! It is a daft game Sav, any game where it is more usual to score than not to score is stupid and any game where manipulation of time can be used to determine a result to such an absurd extent, has to be ridiculous. There was a cricket game in a World Cup a few years back where a rain break meant that South Africa were coasting to victory against England but suddenly found themselves needing 20 runs off one ball. England progressed but the entire cricket world was sickened by what happened. In basketball, that last crucial basket is decisive far too often. Until then it is score, score,score,score,score,score. Then watch the clock, time out, allow enough time for only one attack and score. Game over, match won. Stupid!

dazthehammer said...

bentley cost the spuds 17 million, so to get him for free +5/6 million + gets parker off the wage bill. it was a great deal, demel is a solid rb and lansbury can play all across midfield. matty taylor and david bentley whipping balls in from set pieces yes please? for the first time ever we actually play the ball into the box with pace and accuracy (mainly onto tomkins head). if you told me after the wigan game we would sign taylor, nolan, lansbury and bentley and kep green, tompkins, collison, noble and cole i would say yeah ok i will have some of them drugs your obviously on. we also signed a lb and a rb! and a few strikers so all good

Deane said...

more exciting than cricket also reckon they all know the words to God save the Queen

Anonymous said...

Listen sav - we invented rounders = baseball.