Friday, 30 September 2011

The Great West Ham Rip Off

I've just received my tickets for the Blackpool game. One each for my son and I and one for my 13 year old Grandson at £24. You can imagine how pleased I was to see on the OS that this game is now "Kids for a quid"

I see they did that on the day for the Peterboro' game as well.

We are encouraged to renew our season tickets, which we gave up during Zola's fiasco, and also to book early as "tickets are selling fast!" What a way to treat your supporters.

This is my 50th year supporting the Hammers and I have never felt so badly about the management and owners. After going on Tuesday and seeing what a good job Jewell is doing with his bunch of has-beens and might have beens I may decide to turn left on the A12 and head for Portman Road for my football.

Contributed by John VP

Can somebody please Twatter this to David Gold to see how he responds?


RexHammer said...

50 years? For some reason I was expecting you to be a lot younger!

cOOL cOL said...

It's a great shame it is a contribution to your site as I though for one minute you might just fuck off and support someone else.

Hammersfan said...

I am not the author Rex!

Col, I have twice allowed through the F word because you have posted before. I am happy to carry your criticism and insults but can you please avoid the F and C words or I will have to delete your comments.

'arry (not the 'R' variety) said...

Almost precisely mirroring my sentiments.

Where once I was a supporter and fan of WHUFC, I am now, and have been for a couple of years, merely a follower. I have been burned, just like this, by the club far too many times. A shame, as I am the fourth generation of a family who have been members since the days of the Thames Iron & Steel Works club.

I will not go to a game and in recent times I have determined that I will not visit the 'Official Site' because it is nothing more than a medium for their crude and patronising 'spin' - no news there at all; ever. They genuinely do treat their fans and members like mugs. I refuse to waste my time there.

I get my news and follow the club's fortunes (or lack thereof) through the media generally which includes blogs like this.

Travelling Hammer said...

HF, not sure why you carry angry little Col's abusive comments, but it at least shows you are fair and carry all input, be it positive or negative. I have to agree with him that you are a half glass empty man in your generally constant negative negative critique, but hey that's the right of every sports fan in time inmemorial! As for your earlier posts about our false table position is a reflection of the early fixture list, I agree, but interestingly it's much the same impression of Brighton fans and their own position, so let's wait for a few more games before the true positions shake out. . . . . . . And as for you Col, much as the stupid people who complain about TV programmes when they have a button that can solve their angst, you have the ability I'm sure to avoid this, at times, very entertaining site.

RexHammer said...

Oh yeah I have just realized it. Me and my skimming through!

Anonymous said...

I take it all back!
Today I received a replacement £1 ticket for my Grandson and the difference was refunded to my credit card.The spirit of Greenwood and Lyall is alive!
Hard luck Ipswich my car will continue to turn right on to the A12!!.

John V P

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