Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Tottenham's £17million support funding for new stadium is a disgrace!

What the hell? When libraries and swimming pools are being closed, when public sector workers' pensions are under attack, when life saving drugs are being withheld because they are too expensive, why in the name of YHWH is public money being pumped into support infrastructure for a football club's new stadium?

Were Arsenal helped in this way? I don't think so! The other London clubs should demand a judicial review instantly. Bloody Tottenham is where the riots started. Why pump good money after bad into that shithole? If Tottenham want a new stadium, they should stump up the funds for the stadium, the infrastructure, the whole shebang.

Somebody should put up a petition on the House of Commons website demanding this is discussed in Parliament. You only need 100,000 electronic signatures. The average gates at Arsenal, West Ham and Chelsea could amass that number comfortably.

Stop the public funding of Tottenham's stadium now!


Sav said...

I agree with you HF, but I don't think it would make any difference, no matter how many signatures you gather. These guys are experts in abusing the system. Their legal action against West Ham winning the Olympic Stadium always had something like this as the real objective. Leyton Orient are expecting their own "bribe" to shut up too. It's really sick because at the end of the day the only one who really pays is the tax payer.

Andy said...

Too f**king right! And they complain about our dodgy£40m.. at least we'll have to pay it back!

One word for this; bribe.

Stani said...

Corruption happens in this country too, just in a cleverer way. That makes it all alright.

West Ham Til I Die said...

Interesting photo by the way. Shows exactly how tottenham gets their way!

Anonymous said...

Hypocritical Spuds. They challenged the low interest loan from Newham Council to WHU on the basis that it was illegal funding by the state of a private company, and in the same breath begging behind the scenes for handouts from the tax payer.

They were never really interested in the Olympic stadium, just wanted to spoil our bid and improve their own bargaining position with Boris Johnson.

Anonymous said...

Who ever wrote this article has a very loose grasp on facts. Arsenal did get help with their stadium and Wembley was also subsidised. Bit rich a a Wet Spam fan going on about tax payers picking up the tab when they can only afford Stratford because most of the building work has been off set by the tax payer. Your welcome to it. Can't wait to see it on TV when it is 30% full.

By the way Tottenham are one of the few if not only major investor willing to stump up money to create jobs in one of the most deproved boroughs in London. Do you see the government doing anything to help the area. NO. So why shouldn't they pay to improve the infrastructure. It's not like they are giving Spurs £17million to spend on players. The infrastructure is their to attract other investors into the area too.

What a mug.

Hammersfan said...

0936, they are, in fact giving Spurs £17m to spend on players because the £17m that SHOULD be spent on infrastructure can now be spent on players! Looks like you are the mug!