Sunday, 18 September 2011

Well said Millwall's Kenny Jackett!

Remember Parker moaning a couple of seasons back that the anxiety of the Upton Park crowd was spreading to the players on the pitch, using it as an excuse for our sub standard performances? Well Jacket had the perfect riposte today when he said, "It's the players' responsibility to bring the crowd into play". Spot on sir!

Jackett spoke much more impressively than McClaren, who was more red faced than Brian Clough after two bottles of scotch in his post match interview, following the home defeat to Nigel Clough's 10 man Derby. "Shock" McClaren muttered. "Shock". How the hell was this idiot ever made England manager? O hang on. He was up against Allardyce and Curbishley wasn't he?


Anonymous said...

I be you wouldn't think twice about dobbing your own mother in to the old bill. You are a complete and utter slag.

Sav said...

Ramsey and one or two other apart, being an England Manager is almost synonymous to being incompetent. Sven and Fabio are no exception.

darrenharry said...

Sweetheart, thats a bit naughty. HF will be terribly upset by this kind of comment I'm sure. Now pull your trousers up, it'll make you go blind.