Friday, 30 September 2011

Que? Manuel Almunia arrives looking for his hamster!

Remember the outrage along Green Street when somebody mooted the possibility that Manuel Almunia might be selected for England, replacing England's 666, Robert Slippery Fingers Green? How ironic, therefore, that the blunderful Arsenal keeper has arrived on a month's loan to replace the injured Green.

Now as regular readers will know, I am no fan of Robert Green. He is, in my estimation, a good shot stopper but a decidedly avaerage all round keeper. But even Green looks international class in comparison to Oops I've Done It Again Almunia.

So our problems have just increased. We allowed Stech to leave and promply lost our first choice keeper. Boffin aint up to it so suddenly we are up shit creek without a stopper!

We have lost Coco the Clown in goal but have replaced him with Manuel the Clown. But still, every time he makes a mistake, Basil Allardyce can at least hit him on the head with a spoon and explain to the press, "You'll have to forgive him. He's from Barcelona!"

Mind you,at the first hint of an error, Manuel can expect an abusive phone call from celebrity West Ham fan Russell Brand!


fred149 said...

Rob green has been our best player this year seems to have worked out how to catch and how to punch with distance

cOOL cOL said...

The line "Now as regular readers will know, I am no fan of Robert Green."

Could apply to ANY player/manager/chairman in your opinion which hastens me to say once again. Go away and support someone you actually care about.

You have no fucking right to constantly abuse our players, manager and Chairmen. Idiot.

US HF said...

Green has not been our best player this year. Green has shipped so many goals in I can't count. He does do one thing well, he mAkes easy saves look much more difficult than they are. I would say the crossbar was our best keeper last year. I don't know what happened with stech, he showed promise in the games he started, it's disappointing that hes gone.

Hammersfan said...

But that's where you are wrong Heated Col, I have every right and I exercise that right. It is, last time I looked, a free country where we respect the rights of people to hold an opinion different from our own. Now you obviously do not value that right so why don't you just fcuk off and live in a country like Syria where you will see the benefits of living in a country where everybody has to think the same thing - or else.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to go off subject HF but I've just received my tickets for the Blackpool game.
One each for my son and I and one for my 13 year old Grandson at £24.
You can imagine how pleased I was to see on the OS that this game is now "Kids for a quid"
I see they did that on the day for the Peterboro' game as well.
We are encouraged to renew our season tickets, which we gave up during Zola's fiasco and also to book early as "tickets are selling fast!"
What a way to treat your supporters.
This is my 50th year supporting the Hammers and I have never felt so badly about the management and owners.
After going on Tuesday and seeing what a good job Jewell is doing with his bunch of has-beens and might have beens I may decide to turn left on the A12 and head for Portman Road for my football.

John VP

fred149 said...


Rob green has not shipped many goals this year and the only one he can even have some sort blame is the cardiff goal but even then that wasnt really his fault. Rob green has already kept us in most games and without him i could have seen us losing a few more games this year or at least not winning games like the watford game

FarehamHammer said...

Exellent post my sentiments entirely !.Quote of the day no year must be the talkactive one's mate on twatter when asked by someone if the Tevez rumours we're a publicity stunt.He replied :"We DON'T do publicity stunts !".Can you Adam &Eve it ?,i almost pissed myself laughing !.Never a dull moment at the Boleyn Ground thats for sure !

US HF said...


I side with you somewhat. I was looking over the past couple of season where green has had his fair share of regrets and his fair share of luck. You could argue his been good this season but then again it's the championship. As a figure of England I hope that he would be good in the championship. I agree w HF in the fact green can block but that's about it. In all I wanted to see stech get a true chance at first tean

fred149 said...

Well ive always considered stech to have the potential to better than green but you could say its harder to be a keeper in the championship as you get crowed alot more in the box and theres alot more shots