Tuesday, 27 September 2011

You heard it here first, Baldock starts!

Exactly as revealed by TGGC, Sam Badock makes his first start tonight, although it remains unclear if this is truly 4-4-2 or an adaptation of the 4-5-1, with Baldock pushed wide. My money, unfortunately, is on the latter.

The side reads:

Green, O'Brien, Tomkins, Faye, McCartney, Lansbury, Noble, Nolan, Bentley, Baldock, Cole.

The absence of Taylor through injury suggests to me that we will line up like this:


O'Brien, Tomkins, Faye, McCartney


Nolan     Lansbury

Bentley                      Baldock


Collison has escaped the clutches of his alien abductors and is on the bench where he is joined by Diop, Carew and Faubert. So no Reid. What happens if Tomkins pulls up lame?


Dave D said...

Is the game on the radio tonight? or online? I cant find a link anywhere. any ideas HF

Hammersfan said...

I don't think so Dave.

beelzebub said...



Fred149 said...

It's 442 blatantly

planetman said...

Here you go guys - BBC Radio Suffolk http://www.bbc.co.uk/englandcms/livestreams/int9.asx

Mike said...

Only a radio link on the BBC, as all the dirty streaming channels are carrying something called the Champion's League :p

As for the game, commentator just likened our playing style to QPR last season. Bet you're loving that hf, hehe.

Sav said...

It doesn't seem to be working so far HF. Ipswich had twice as many shots at goal than the mere two for us (of which the second one was a last minute free kick by Bentley).

For Christ sake Pam get your act together. We are playing home against Ipswich and we are being outplayed once again!

el martillo said...

Interesting to see on the OS match thread, Nolan's name was mentioned six times... and four of those were for mistakes!

Sav said...

That's another fine mess! We would have been top of the League. It's back to the drawing board. What an opportunity missed. Another three vital points dropped at home! It doesn't look very good, I am afraid.

I would be interested to read the views of someone who actually watched the match.