Wednesday, 14 September 2011

TGGC Fantasy League Taking Shape!

Who is this Alex Thomas guy? He must know his stuff because he is heading up TGGC Fantasy League with a very dodgy sounding team name of The Mighty Lions FC. Do we have a Millwall fan leading the table? Fess up mate and explain the name!

And who is sitting on the shoulder of the Lions? Well is is none other than Avram's Avengers! Given yours truly apparently knows sweet FA about football, I seem to have hit quite lucky so far. If I only I hadn't swapped the captaincy back to Nolan from Lambert, I would now be heading the table!

And bugger me, who is coming up in my rear? None other than Stani Army, his points boosted by copying some of my key selections, the sly so and so! And he has Lambert as captain!

Meanwhile, Turds Out! has gone quiet because he is floundering in 29th with the appropriately named Zola's Zealots. Involve Zola and you are heading for disaster mate! 38 points, that's Gianfranco pathetic! Mind you Matt W clearly has a liking for the wooden spoon, propping up the entire table with a truly Zola and Grantesque 15 points!

Keep checking on your team guys and take advantage of the transfer system. How awful would it be if I ran out the eventual winner?


Anonymous said...

be fare - you've already used nearly a third of your transfers whereas stani has only used 7

Hammersfan said...

Be fair? Me? To Stani? There's more chance of Stani voting for Noble as Hammer of the Year!

So who are you? Which team? Where in the table?

Stani said...

You obviously didn't understand my comment on the Poll post HF 'I see the cream's rising to the top HF? Not sure what you're doing there though :)'

Copy your players? Piss off! Who had Lambert first?

And worry not, I won't be up your rear too long as you seem to be enjoying it.

Stani said...

I didn't notice that 21:10! More proof I haven't copied HF. Thanks fella!

apache said...

Grumble grumble grumble!

Hammersfan said...

LOL Stani, I understood fully. You are coming up my rear, and in your own words, the cream is rising to the top!

Never mind Apache, at least you didn't have a bet with me on this one!

Anonymous said...

How are you doing in the Premiership FFL HF?
Don't see much mention of that in your

John V P

Oh! I know this is a West Ham site so we don't mention Premiership FFL.

Buy I can! He's last everybody.

Hammersfan said...

LOL Am I? Must admit I haven't looked. In fact I forgot I had entered a team. Premiership? What's that?

Hammersfan said...

What's the link John?

Stani said...

John, sorry mate, missed your comment on the other post. Bottom is he? Coming up the rear of everyone! I would have entered that had I had a bit more time.

You are filthy HF.

Must have been a horrible feeling when Lambert scored 3 and you'd just removed him as captain, eh? I'm not rubbing it in, honest.

Anonymous said...

Here, for all to see:

John V P

Savio said...

I'm here, I'm there, I'm every fucking where. I'm the Egg man.

Hammersfan said...

Well my team is called The Ghost of Avram! No worries, it's just a slow start. Van Persie and Saurez will start ratcheting up the points soon. Young will do brilliantly over a season and so will Reina. The Ghost of Avram will rise like the ghost of Banquo!