Sunday, 4 September 2011

The Hammers Kids Are Alright - At Swindon, Aldershot, Notts County, Bournemouth and Dagenham!

It's interesting to see the number of players we have out on loan at the moment and exciting to see that the under 18 team thrashed their Tottenham counterparts 4-0. Sadly, there is many a slip between hand and mouth when we are talking about young footballers, but there does appear to be a reasonable pool of talent coming through. Montano, Abdulla, Brown, Spence and Olly Lee are all gaining experience in football's backwaters.

The OS, of course, overstates the case every time it reports on anything like this and it is amusing to read in their report that "The Shots are also on a roll in the Carling Cup" as if that fact may have passed West Ham fans by! The wording is also a little suspect when we are told that Olly Lee "continues to pick up valuable League Two experience" as that suggests that Lee will be plying his trade in that division into the longer term future. I would suggest that he "continues to pick up valuable experience" would read better.

How many of these will eventually feature in the first team at West Ham? That's anybody's guess and, in a way, it is disappointing that they are not considered worth a place in our Championship squad but, given the deals done in the window, I suppose that is no surprise. We have a proper first team squad at last and hopefully we now have a pipeline feeding through for the years to come.


spyinthesky said...

Rather disappointed actually with the failure of Spence and Lee the elder and others not looking like quite making it after looking promising but lets hope that the Under 18s who are looking especially useful can do better over the next few years, we are going to need a couple of break throughs in the period at least I feel.

Anonymous said...

Its fair to say u beat spurs 2nds as the real u18 team were in the next gen comp,beating inter 7-1 but hay don't let that get in the way of a story hf

fred149 said...

we bea tur seconds did we shame the same could be said about us that u18s tea mwas full of first year scholars whereas urs where to so now whos looks like the idiot

Anonymous said...

HF oh dear... caught with you pants down again.