Saturday, 17 September 2011

Reid dropped, Faye starts

Well that's a surprise and a bit disappointing because I was hoping Tomkins and Reid would be developed as a solid pair ready for a return to the Prem. Faubert starts so Bentley is still on the bench. That's not what he expected when he joined us from Spurs!

4-5-1 again. Baldock still benched. Let's hope the best footballing team wins - because that is West Ham - and that football is the winner at the end of a GAME instead of a war.


Anonymous said...

Why don't you come and join in on one of the proper sites where people comment and converse?

You are obviously passionate about the game and have a lot to say, it seems a shame to waste that here where no one reads or comments.

Don't attack me, genuine comments there.

Mike said...

Just popping in to undermine the above poster by reading and commenting :p

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Anonymous said...

Though i should leave a comment too after reading 13:05's Comment.