Monday, 3 December 2012

Allardyce Angling For Chelsea Job

What a brown nose! Fresh from humiliating Benny Benitez, Allardyce seems to be doing his level best to land the Chelsea job. With West Ham's pulsating second half performance fresh in Roman's mind, Allardyce has stuck his tongue so far up the Russian's arse that he has syringed his ears!

Listen to him!

"Roman is the owner of Chelsea Football Club and he's entitled to do whatever he wants because of the amount of money he puts behind the team."

"He's been a great advocate for why the Premier League has become such a great brand around the world of football, by the money he's put in."

"What he wants, you have to deal with if you're the manager. And you have to deliver."

Talk about going down on your knees and offering to blow away the cobwebs! OK Sam, we get it. You've always believed you deserved a shot at a big club and now you sniff an opportunity.

Let's face it, Chelsea are fast running out of alternatives and sooner or later will have to turn to a big man with a proven record in the Prem, a tactical genius no less who was able to change things around to exploit Chelsea's weaknesses - unlike Benitez who was unable to respond in kind.

Could Allardyce really land the Chelsea job? Well they appointed Grant so anything's possible!


Anonymous said...

Dunlopilo says...

I hope this is just your imagination. Sure, everyone of us aspire to higher paid jobs, with more resposibilities and visibility. Allardyce is in his best yers, so that could be seen as a normal move. However, who tells you he doesn't feel like continuing to build with WHU ? After seeing him jumping with that freshness and spontaneity together with his staff and players on Saturday, all is possible.

I think there might be subliminal message for SUGO and the devil without tail (Brady) to offer him a new contract. It is around this time of the year that teams normally start deciding these things for the next season (see Real Madrid who apparently has already decided they won't continue with the UN special One), so why not start negotiations. If it doesn't work, I would see soeone as Laudrup being a great successor to Allardyce.

Anonymous said...

Hope he doesn't get offered it. If he left it would absolutely cripple us as he would come after our best like Reid. Tonks and Nobes. #scarred

Anonymous said...

Hopefully Allardyce will get the Chelsea job and we can poach Zola from Watford. The foundations are definitely there and with Zola's free flowing football reckon we can push onto the next level.

Anonymous said...

Lol good one!

Anonymous said...

You can't wait to slag off West Ham why don't yo f##k off and support leeds.

Anonymous said...

The only problem is by getting us promoted and on course for a top 10 finish in the premiership Allardyce is probably in our top 3 most successful managers of all time. As such we should tread very carefully before wishing anything here. It's far too easy to think Zola or someone else would do a better job.