Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Jesus On Gay Rap In Liverpool

Bloody hell, it comes to something when Jesus can't use the word gay without picking up a £10,000 fine! We all thought crucifixion was a bit harsh for turning over a few market stalls in the Temple, but now Jesus can't even Tweet a word in the English language without paying out a King's ransom!

In the mad PC world we now live in, Jesus Fernandez Saez has been slapped across the arse for tweeting that a team mate was "gay" for having his teeth whitened! He also used the F word but apparently that is not an issue! Suso, as he is commonly known, fell foul of posting a text that "included a reference to a person/s sexual orientation and/or disability.”

Big bloody deal! Is Enrique, the subject of the text, gay? If so, what's the problem? If not, then perhaps Jesus was thinking of the true meaning of the word before the homosexual lobby hijacked it, namely to be happy. And why wouldn't he be happy with pearly white teeth to flash in the local bars exactly?

This is getting more and more ridiculous. According to Lindegaard, gay footballers need to come out of the closet because gay people need "a hero". How insulting is that? What about all the gay actors? What about Freddie Mercury, David Bowie and a host of other musical geniuses? What about the Tory cabinet? What about Jeremy Thorpe? What about Richard the Lionhart and Socrates? Or Ernst Rohm? Or Nijinsky? Not to mention Bishop and Morley allegedly!

This is all getting totally out of hand, so to speak. I've never heard so much cock and bull in all my life. Suso is a kid and he used a piece of commonly used slang, slang that does not mean that a man has anal sex with another man but which signifies that a man is not behaving in what is seen as a traditionally manly way. A footballer having his teeth whitened? Nobby Stiles would turn in his grave. But maybe, as that would involve a bottoms up position, that might be deemed a reference to a person's sexuality too!

Absurd! We need a sense of proportion because this is getting bloody stupid!


Anonymous said...

it is getting bloody stupid. nice freedom of speech ya got there in England.

Anonymous said...

10k fine for tweeting that?!?!

wonder how much he'd have got for shirt-lifter or arse-bandit?

Anonymous said...

buggered if I know,19:15

Anonymous said...

@19:15. LMFAO!!!!

Anonymous said...

It normally costs hf a can of pop and a bag of crisps for a shirt lifter or arse bandit.