Wednesday, 19 December 2012

ASLEF to Sponsor West Ham!

The nine to one victory for those supporting strike action on the London Underground on Boxing Day may be the best result of the season for West Ham!

With so many players out injured, delaying the game is ideal for the Hammers, especially given the talk of signing new recruits in the January window. It's hard to see how the match will be rescheduled in the holiday season so a date some time in February or March would be ideal for Allardyce and his casualty ward.

If the game is called off, West Ham should wear Aslef on their shirts when the game is eventually played!


Anonymous said...

"wear aslef on their shirts" comedy gold. What are you like? You're up there with the greats. Well the game hasn't been called off,so once again you have egg on your face. I notice i'm the only person to comment also. Does ANYONE actually care about you or w,ham?

Anonymous said...

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