Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Demba Ba To Quit Newcastle

So Big Chief Broken Knee is now threatening to walk out on Newcastle, desperate for a move back to London with Arsenal. How long will he stay at the Gunners if the switch happens? Only as long as it takes for the terms of his next release clause to be met.

This guy has all the loyalty of a parasite. He will feed on his host for as long as it suits, then, like the rat that he is, jump ship at the first sign of trouble or if a better opportunity comes along. Wenger may need him but I suspect he will live to regret taking him to the club because Ba is not a team player.


John B said...

Why is he disloyal? He had a clause in his contract signed months earlier saying he could leave if we were relegated. He did his best while in the team despite being played out of position and having proved himself as a Premiership striker wanted to stay there
Had a fantastic start at Newcastle and the got push out when Cisse turned up - why would he show them any loyalty?
I'd welcome him back at Upton Park, though wouldn't blame him for choosing Arsenal. Top player.

Anonymous said...

So true, good that he leaves Newcastle. Pardew was a fool for pandering to him in the summer,he should have ejected him then. Left him without goals - then who would pay £90K per - greedy man.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree John B

Stani said...

He's no different from most players, HF. And if he has ambitions to work at a higher level and better himself then he's no different from most people. I think when you have a release clause negotiated in your contract then your intentions are clear, you're not hiding anything. It's difficult to then criticise him as disloyal.

The fact that we weren't clever enough to tie him down was our fault. There's no point being bitter about it.

Anonymous said...

How is he disloyal? Because he wants to play and pardew has him as a super sub? Doesn't make sense why he doesn't start

Anonymous said...

Watford reject .... lol it's true -Aidy Boothroyd didn't think he had what it takes