Tuesday, 4 December 2012

QPR to Sign First Of Redknapp's Old Boys

So 'Arry is up to his usual tricks. It's not what you know but who you know with the former Portsmouth, Tottenham, Southampton, West Ham and Bournemouth manager, and Redknapp knows Bellend-Haim and, no doubt, knows his agent. Rosie would be wagging her tail at the prospect of his signing if she hadn't gone to the great bone yard in the sky!

Will Ben Haim improve the QPR team? Of course not! Ferdinand may be shit. Onouha may be shit. Hill may be shit. Da Silva may be shit. And Nelson may be shit too. But Bellend Haim is no better!

What he will do is supply cover because one of the strangest things about Hughes' tenure is the way he packed the squad with forwards and midfielders and ignored the defence. When Onouha was signed, the gRs celebrated but I said they were just getting another Anton, a nearly man who promised a lot as a youngster but who had failed to develop. And so it has proved. At least 'Arry is not paying millions for rubbish. Yet!

One thing Ben Haim will bring to the squad is experience and shared experience at that. For like Green, Dyer, Hoilett and Shaun Wright-Phillips, he knows how to get relegated!


CelticHammer said...

You've sodded your page up again HF! when will you ever learn?

Get Super Stani to sort it, just like he's sorted himself to top spot in Your "games gone crazy" fantasy league, with 807 points - whereas you are languishing at 31, 4th from bottom with 625.

Even that mug Turds Out is in 15th with a half decent score of 710.

And as for Fred, who I don't think I've ever seen you be kind to is 4th with 777.

Stani said...

Celtic? Are you the same CelticHammer from Dale's blog? Where have you been mate?

You gotta love Ben Haim's agent HF. He's Grant's too right? See Grant being touted for the Chelsea job? Hahaaa, unbelievable. Yep, it's not what you know but who you know...except when I said it, I was being an anti-semite!

fred149 said...

I'm 4th in the fantasy now looks like ill be beating Stani by the end of this season. Not Fair celtic HF doesn't often reply to my comments but we agree on a fair few things.

Anonymous said...

Well done Fred and Stani, hard cheese HF, looks like you don't know too much about the fitba.

Stani said...

We'll have to see about that Feddy boy!

Thanks 22:39