Sunday, 9 December 2012

Wigan's Reserves Expose Redknapp's Granddad QPR Army

Wow, QPR are even worse than I thought. 'Arry came in and waved his magic wand and nothing happened. So he waved it again and nothing happened. So he waved it again and then snapped it in two and shoved it up Rosie's backside.

This is a really poor team, every bit as poor as the West Ham team that went down under Grant. The back four are shocking, the midfield is average at best, and the forwards are gutless. There's no youth, no inspiration. The team consists mostly of old nags, a bunch of former handicappers sent out to grass at QPR. What is the average age of the team?

Green is 32, Bosingwa 30, Nelson 35, Hill is 34, Diakite 23, Traore 23, Derry 35, Taarabt 23, Wright-Phillips 31, M'bia 26, Mackie 27, Cisse 31, Granero 25. SEVEN players over the age of 30! And who is Redknapp being linked with? Rio, Beckham, Parker, Joe Cole, Robbie Keane. QPR's new ground will be the Royal Hospital Chelsea at this rate!

Wigan had eight players out yesterday and could have won the game by three or four clear goals. Green pulled off four excellent saves and deserves credit for QPR coming away with a point. That said, he looked flat footed for both Wigan goals, neither of which went into the corner of the net and neither of which were hit with great pace. As usual, he was rooted too much to his line, and one punch was awful. He has always had technical flaws and at his age, he is not going to improve.

So QPR now have the record for games without a win at the start of a season and are currently on target to finish the season with 16 points. The situation is not hopeless yet but QPR now need to average 1.41 points a game, and another of 'Arry's targeted games has slipped by without victory. As Hansen said on Match of the Day, it's going to be hard from here!

Will Granddad's army keep QPR up? Three of Redknapp's rumoured targets have already been relegated from the Prem!  As we know only too well at West Ham!

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