Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Taarabt pokes QPR's 'Arry where it hurts

So Taarabt wants to play in the African Cup of Nations after all. That's very bad news for Redknapp and probably means that the Moroccan will be sold in January.

To be honest, it sounded like Redknapp was trying to talk up his price after his weekend goals, claiming he was good enough to play for anybody and comparing him to Il Duce Di Canio. With money from the sale of Adel and Granero, 'Arry can have a bit of fun in the January window, wheeling and dealing to his heart's content!


Anonymous said...

my god you are boring, seriously find something new to write about, this same boring old, I am going to piss off QPR fans is really really old!

peter mccullagh said...

This is sad. Playing for his country like every footballer has no bearing whatsoever on a player leaving his club. Absolutely none, an incredible stretch of troll logic. Granero too because why....? A clause activated in the event of relegation? Worry about keeping your own players.

Anonymous said...

no one likes you hf.