Monday, 3 December 2012

Watford's Zola To Give Mancini A Footballing Lesson

It's a mouth watering prospect - Zola's free flowing Watford at the Etihad to take on Mancini's malfunctioning machine. Who knows, by the end of the game, Zola may be in the frame to take over at Man City or even at his beloved Chelsea. His stock is certainly soaring at the moment.

In fact, it makes you wonder what went wrong at Upton Park given Clarke's record at West Brom and Zola's at Watford.

So far.


Chris said...

Like all Watford fans pointed out when you were predicting nothing but bad things for Watford, it was a completely different set up at West Ham. Having said that, many Watford fans are a little worried that a points deduction could be thrown upon us - but be assured, that was all the fault of the last regime.

Anonymous said...

The reason why Zola is doing well at Watford but failed at West Ham is down to the environment he is working in.

Watford fans do not boo or jeer at the first bad result.

You until now were predicting bad things at Watford, being a doom monger and this is a typical attitude of a modern fan these days. Want instant success and will not tolerate anything less.

Anonymous said...

Instant success? Are you taking the piss? Name me one bit of real success the hammers have ever experienced

Anonymous said...

You've been very quite of late mate. We've really, really, really, really missed your ideas and support.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @12.18, you should know that Zola was given a lot of support from the fans at WHU, and not as you suggest. What is typical of the 'modern fan' is the ludicrous tripe that you then peddle, ie that only your club fans do the right thing, and all others are wrong, or 'fickle' or whatever. And as for the predictions, I remember the 5 year plan that Duxbury spoke of very well - I don't trust lawyers like him, and that's the end of it. As for Watford's fortunes, only time will tell. The backing that we had then turned out to be a complete mirage, and disappeared like Iceland's 'solid' banks. Hopefully Zola has learned a lot since those days,, like keeping an adequate squad in numereical terms, instead of the minimnal 'slimmed-down' one that he insisted WHU could operate with.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @1605 the fact still remains if Zola had remained manager of your little club he would have become your most successful manager of all time and you KNOW it. I don't think your fans are fickle just not enough of you as this website proves time and time and time again!