Sunday, 16 December 2012

Half Time West Brom 0 West Ham 0 - Christmas Shopping More Exciting Than This!

What a dire 45 minutes. Nothing, absolutely nothing, to set the pulses racing. Was it 3-3 the last time we played at the Hawthornes? This one is making up for that goal fest of a game!

Anything to report? O'Brien collected an absolutely stupid yellow card. We are allowing West Brom too many shots from outside the box. Taylor has been busy up the right flank. Reid could have turned in a knock down from a corner. Carlton sent over one delicious cross for Taylor. Keepers have had a night off so far.

Can Sam change anything to try to grab a goal? I think he would take a point at this stage. We may see Maiga after 70 minutes. Any chance of a kid getting a run out? Only if we are three goals down.


Anonymous said...

Can't even beat west brom it was only a few weeks ago you was telling Leeds fans they were going down and west ham were going to be top of prem once again you look like a twat !!!! Mot

Anonymous said...

Relegation fodder i'm afraid you "clarkson" plastic hammer. Riddle me this if you will. How come your blogs aren't on w,ham news now and how come lampard would rather go to qpr than w,ham? Bigger club who can afford to pay the wages perhaps?

Hammersfan said...

Bigger club than Leeds so we have a number of pages. Check out West Ham All Sources.

Why might Lampard join QPR? Because Redknapp is his uncle you no nothing dolt.

Anonymous said...

You call me a "no nothing" dolt? Really? You know nothing dolt. So by playing for qpr its the only way lampard can see his uncle harry? Couldn't he just join w,ham and see his uncle at night or sundays?

Anonymous said...

You continually contradict yourself plastic hammer. If w,ham are to be perceived as a bigger club why do you spend most of your free time talking about other clubs? Leeds in particular. How is it that Qpr who are indeed bigger than w,ham don't have a troll fan crapping on about other clubs? None of the london clubs which are deemed bigger than w,ham are worried or concerned about other clubs like Leeds. If w,ham are bigger than Leeds why aren't you more concerned with them? Having more pages on news now surely can't be an indication of a big club? Perhaps more of the geek fraternity follow w,ham? Why is it when you post a blog on any given w,ham issue the response is frenzied apathy?