Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Sunderland Win Spells Disaster For QPR & Bad News For West Ham

Things are getting too tight for comfort outside of the bottom two. Reading and QPR are going down. Even if they put together a run of results, the inevitable run of defeats that will follow will suck them back into the relegation quicksand. You can't have less than 10 points at this stage of the season and escape.

However, Sunderland's win has opened up the battle to escape the third from bottom spot. We are now just seven points above a relegation place and that is too close for comfort. A bad December and we will be on the shoulder of the drop zone and all that heady optimism following the victory over Chelsea will look horribly misplaced.

Worrying times!


Anonymous said...

Never heard such a load of old bollocks!

No way will West Ham go down this season!

Typical knee jerk reaction from one recent loss!

Liverpool and Norwich are on the same points. Are they in trouble too mate?

Arsenal are only 2 points above us. Are they in risk of relegation this season?

You fail to point out that Fulham have 2 less points than us and Newcastle have 5 less than us!

Let Sunderland, Southampton, Aston Villa and Wigan scrap for the 3rd relegation place if QPR & Reading are going down as you claim.

West ham will finish between 10th and 14th this season.

A whole article from you without mentioning Leeds. You must be getting more sane by the day.

Pull yourself together man.

Sav said...

The worst thing is that Liverpool were there for the taking. And what happens Diame gets hurt and the midfield opens up. A little bad luck too and the curse of our own boys playing their best games against us and we lose a game that should have been well in the bag. And now we look over our shoulders.

We just can't afford to let Diame go in January. I hear Wenger identified him as the player he needs in midfield. The owners should do whatever it takes to keep him. This is more important than the olympic stadium as far as I am concerned.

Anonymous said...

Load of old fanny. Are there really only two teams worse than West Ham FFS? We lost to a flukey goal at OT, should've beaten Citeh due to the incorrectly scrubbed goal, and only putting Tomkins in DM lost us the Liverpool game. Get a grip. We will be mathematically safe well before the final Sunday. You must be one of those that boos if we are not 3-0 up at H/T at UP every other week