Friday, 7 December 2012

Di Canio Calls Mexicans Ugly and Slams QPR Players For poor Discipline, Attitude and Behaviour

Which one is Paolo?
Bless. Swindon manager PDC has trodden on  a dish of tortillas with his verdict on Movember. The adorable fascist said of himself in a moustache "There are many pictures of how I looked last month, but they are very ugly. It was better than last year when I looked like a 60-year-old man, although this time I looked like a Mexican." I am sure the Mexican nation is charmed!

As for QPR, Di Canio lets fire with both barrels, angered perhaps that he was overlooked for the job. He writes for the BBC, "It will be difficult at QPR, not just because of where they are in the league, but also because there is a big problem there in terms of discipline, attitude and behaviour.

Two months ago I watched QPR lose at home to West Ham with my assistant coach Fabrizio Piccareta.

I said to Fabrizio during the game that if QPR have 10 points by December I would pay for dinner. They didn't so dinner is on him.

There were four or five players in the Rangers team who should not have been there. In fact, given their history, I could not believe they had been brought to the club. They were players who were names from the past and even then not fantastic names in my opinion."



fred149 said...

Ouch indeed but certainly true.

Anonymous said...

QPR are a bigger club than west ham !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

True ;) ....even us leeds fans no u r ....this site wud b nothing without us leeds fans posting on here .....Hell ! there's no wet spam twats that post on this dog poo of a blog lol .....hf is one sad little no-mark child ;) good luck qpr .