Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Carroll Finds Some Fighting Spirit At Last!

Bloody shame it was on a night out instead of in the heat of battle! Well, if the allegations are true, it was in the heat of battle, but not in the context of a football match! Of course, the allegations may be false. It's perfectly possible the journalist was attacked by a lamp post and it's a simple case of mistaken identity. Given Carroll's mobility on a football pitch, it would be an easy mistake to make!

I was going to suggest that Carroll might cut off his pony tail to try to change his luck in front of goal - a kind of reverse Samson effect. But it might be better just to cut the guy's bollocks off; after all, society could do without him breeding!

The loan deal is not shaping up well is it? His arrival was a massive psychological fillip but his personal contribution to the cause has been distinctly underwhelming. Cole was so much more mobile on Saturday and, of course, contributed both a goal and a wonderful assist.

It seems that Carroll is a legend in his own mind, yet another in a long list of over rated egotists who have little or no respect for decency, the shirt or the fans who, along with Sky, pay their wages. One hundred grand a week? It's like have Dyer and Ljungberg back at the club!


Anonymous said...

Are you feeling alright, hf? That's now twice in the same week you have admitted you were wrong. Can't believe it's taken you 3 months to realise this one though. It was so predictable right from the outset! As you say though Cole is staking his worth and were flying high in the league so suppose it doesn't really matter as much. Can you imagine how hammers would react to him if we were in the bottom 3?

Anonymous said...

send carroll back to liverpool perhaps newcastle will be stupid enough to buy him