Saturday, 5 February 2011

Link to Players' Twitters

So, the site is now carrying the link to the players' Twitters but it's not terribly scintillating stuff is it? I suppose we can't expect much - they are probably not the brightest cookies in the biscuit barrel and, no doubt, there are contract restrictions preventing them from saying what they really think.

So, don't expect Carlton to be telling us what he thinks of Grant anytime soon or to read from JC that he misses Zola. To be honest, I don't get this Twitter business. Who cares that Carlton is bored out of his head and why, exactly, does he feel to need to Twitter it? Odd.

Then there is the issue of authenticity. How do we know that the authors are who they claim to be? Still, you don't pay any money for the service so you've got no grounds for complaint! Gabbs has updated us on the injury so that is useful I suppose. Collison has told us he is in training, is pleased to be in the 25 man squad and is on his way back. More good news I suppose.

Anybody got a link to McCarthy's? A minute by minute update of what he is eating would be useful. "Jus popin in ta Muckydees. Big Mac and fries, washed down with Coke. Just what the doctor didn't order!"

And Upson's would be good too. It might be informative to know where he is checking out properties!


el martillo said...

I didn't get where I am today by listening to twits twitter Reggie. What a waste of space. Still, it's your space!

Hammersfan said...

Yeah, we will see how it goes. It's not doing any harm and some may enjoy the service. Who knows, we may suddenly get something interesting. "My mate says Pardew is shagging Nolan's WAG" sort of thing. Not that Pardew would EVER do anything like that of course!

el martillo said...

Looks like he's doing his best to keep us in the prem. though! 4-0 after 25 minutes! Blackpool are going down, could Newcastle also be in freefall? Maybe our luck is changing!

Hammersfan said...

But Blackpool and Wigan are both winning. Table looks depressing if you look at it as results currently stand!

el martillo said...

Look, I've been saying we're going down since day one, but West Brom are losing, Wolves have a mountain to climb and ...Blackpool are no longer winning; I think they are this year's team to plummet from over-achievers to relegation certs! HaHa they're losing!!!

Hammersfan said...

And bloody Newcastle are drawing!

el martillo said...

Incredible! I've no idea what happened, but how often does a player get sent off retaliating to the off the ball actions of someone you and I know is very lucky not to "doing time" let alone playing football. Certainly you shouldn't react, but I probably would and I bet you would too. Retrospective action is crucial in modern sport. We have the technology to implement it and we should use it.

But Blackpool lost, and so did West Brom! A win tomorrow and things will be looking brighter. Do I think we'll get it? No, 2-2!

Stani Army said...

Oh stop moaning you old fogies! I've mailed you a couple of fixes HF.

Hammersfan said...

OK mate.

el martillo said...

Thing is Stani; the last of the summer wine has to be savoured!

Stani Army said...

I used to watch that too Marty! Best of both worlds.

Wolves ahead, damn.

el martillo said...

Stani; have you seen HF's desperate plea on another thread? I fear that like me he's a twentieth century man (personally I'm proud of it) but you seem to be "au fait" with the current technology. Is it possible to produce a "chat room" scenario that makes it easier to communicate. There was once a vibrant site that had all the banter of standing on the terraces, but unfortunately we were banned (actually it was all his fault). Could you help? COYdesperateforagoodargumentIrons

Stani Army said...

To be honest Marty, I'm more of a 19th/20th century man myself (probably even further back....when people were people). As for being "au fait" (is there irony in the fact that I had to look that up?), I do try but I personally think I'm way off the pace by comparison!

In terms of the chat room scenario; do you mean having a "reply" feature for each comment which will allow a "thread" to develop?

There are ways of doing it but with the moderation on, there will be no real purpose. There are reasons HF has his moderation on of course, but if we introduce a chat or thread type system then HF will still have to check every comment if he continues getting people posting crap anyway so it wont really work.

A way of getting around this would be to find a system that gives an option to allow certain people through all of the time (e.g you) because HF knows he can trust your comment, whilst moderating, or permanently banning others. I think Disqus or Intensedeabate (they are comment systems you can add to this blog) have this option but I will have read up about it. I did suggest Disqus to HF way back. Some of the newspapers like the Independent use it on their site too, underneath the articles. Dale has Intensedebate on his blog.

Stani Army said...

In order to turn it into your classical Simple Machines Forum (SMF), which is the term given to the regular forums you see on the web, HF will have to completely give up this blog and it's content and start again as a forum. I don't think there is a way of converting a Blogger blog and it's contents to a SMF. SMFs do suffer from a lack of....character shall we say. Blogs have a certain je ne sais quoi that SMForums don't.

The other option would be to open a Wordpress blog. Wordpress has many more features than Blogger including blocking certain I.P addresses so people who continually post abusive comments from that address can be moderated out. The good thing is that there is a way of converting your Blogger blog into a Wordpress blog and taking your stuff with you.

Will HF be arsed? No :) But to be honest I don't blame him as Blogger blogs do have a certain attractive simplicity to them. It's just a shame that the moderation facility has to be turned on because it would solve some of the issues.

Stani Army said...

There are chat windows that you can add into a post though which will allow you to conduct a chat like we do on msn chat, if that is what you meant? These are usually reserved for 'live' events though rather than being a comment system on regular posts. For example, you could use it on match days during a game.

el martillo said...

Thanks Stani I think I get the general idea and perhaps in many ways the blog scenario suits our host. Unfortunately, from a user perspective it gives the feeling of being sat in a classroom in front of a teacher!

However, to continue the analogy; you'd have to say that the lessons are fun and at least a bit of chat at the back of the class is tolerated. Mind you if anyone steps right out of line he's a bloody good shot with that piece of chalk, isn't he!

(He looks a right twat in that cloak and mortar board though!LOL)...Ouch!


Ofsted said...

TGGC is a secular, international, multi-cultural school where the claret and blue uniform is compulsory but spectacles of the same colour are discouraged.

Students of other persuasions are encouraged to visit and add to the diversity of the lessons.

The general environment is challenging , bordering on the dangerous; whilst some students favour a light body armour most find that a thick skin is quite adequate.

Most students’ first language is English although this is not always evident in some of the contributions. Spanish, Flemish, Yiddish and Rubbish were also heard being spoken in the playground.

Irony and Satire are taught as core subjects but some of the anonymous contributors were observed to be having great difficulty getting to grips with basic sarcasm.

The pastoral care of the students is summed up in the school motto “If you don’t like it, don’t come here”

The teaching is diverse, prolific and passionate with students often not able to finish one page before being introduced to a new topic. Whilst some students felt that on occasions they were preached at, they are always encouraged to challenge the teacher. “Come and have a go if you think you’re bright enough” would perhaps sum up the atmosphere.

To sum up, TGGC is a "special" school that has grown from humble beginnings, the pupils come and go at will, but strangely those who are most critical of it seem to feel compelled to return on a regular basis and often have the best attendance records.

Areas for improvement include; more trips to the pub at lunchtime and more creative use of the word “bottom”.

Hammersfan said...

LOL Very good!

Stani Army said...

Chalk Marty? More like a whip I'd imagine!

Ofsted, brilliant stuff. Can I skip the pub?