Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Parker Performs his part in England Win

Well, too many performances like that in an England shirt and I might have to eat my words. Scotty came on at half time and acquitted himself rather well. He linked play cleverly, rarely giving away the ball, and played the anchor foil effectively, tidying up around the back four neatly.

There was one superb tackle in England's defensive third to halt a Danish break away and a good interception just inside the Danish half to set up an England attack. He gave the ball away the first time he touched it but, after that, retained possession well. In  fact, England looked much more compact with Barry and Parker in centre midfield than with Wilshire and Lampard, and we still looked lively going forward because the wide men and full backs had the confidence to attack, knowing that there was cover behind them.

That one early misplaced pass apart, Parker only blotted his copybook once, inevitably diving  into a challenge unnecessarily and conceding a freekick which so nearly led to a Danish equaliser. As Townsend said, "Parker would have done better to stay on his feet there." On another day, that could have been costly, and as we were in injury time and a goal ahead, it was especially rash.

The sad thing from our point of view is that we saw how Parker SHOULD be played, sweeping up around the back four and knitting play together, not trying to tear the opposition apart offensively. But can we afford to pay our pin up boy £83,000 a week to perform such an unglamorous role?

Overall, England played well and Parker looked the part. With Young, Wilshire, Carroll, Rooney, Walcott and Milner, we have the talent going forward to worry teams and, Carroll apart, they are a mobile bunch. Bent also looked impressive tonight. Add in Johnson's and Cole's ability to attack down the flanks, and we could be full of goals. The question is, do we have the defenders to enable us to succeed at international level against the top teams? Not on the evidence of tonight!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad for Scott, he deserves to be a permanent fixture in the England team.

Rev said...

Nice to see some positive comments from you on Parker.

For some more positive news we look like we have won the bid for the Olympic staduim, your views?

Hammersfan said...

I speak as I find Rev. He did well tonight.

el martillo said...

Positive news Rev? I know it means we've beaten Tottenham, but do you really want to watch football from across a running track?

Hammersfan said...

He lives in Sunderland, he has to watch the games from the other end of the bloody country so a running track isn't going to make much difference!

Stani Army said...

It was immediately noticeable that Parker looked at home with better players instead of having to struggle and try and do everything for our lot.

Clearly suited to the holding role.

Wilshere did well too. Do you now see how much a burden Barry was HF? His international career is over by the way(I hope so anyway).

When Carrol's back, I would even consider a 3 man attack with Rooney in behind Bent and Carrol. Midfield of Gerrard, Wilshere and Adam Johnson. Now that's an attacking side!

Townsend's a dick...made of the same stuff as Keys and Gray. Parker's challenge was a foul but he didnt go down, he stayed on his feet. Was just late.

Why do they always play internationals with the worst possible ball?

How the hell does Donkey Dawson get in ahead of Cahill? Terry and Dawson defend very similarly...both donkeys.

That cross from that guy Erikson was tasty though. He did another from a free kick later in the game and Rooney ran past and gave him a bum tap as if to say well done. Good player recognises a good player. We should sign him up. I wonder who he plays for. Quality delivery and looks a player.

Hammersfan said...

LOL Barry played the second half, was made captain and was given the more advanced role. Suggested to me that Capello still rates the guy!

Anonymous said...

stani - Oh Dear - everyone knows Parker isn't a holding midfielder - he is a box to box midfielder back to school old fella.

Stani Army said...

Well that is the discussion point doh! My point is that he should not play as an attacking midfielder as he doesn't have the required qualities and would be better served playing the holding defensive role. Had you attended school everyday (i.e read the previous posts) then you would have indeed followed this discussion instead of jumping in here and making an arse of yourself....fella. Oh dear indeed.

Anonymous said...

18:45 of course is right. Further proof stani.....

"Can people stop labelling Scott Parker as a 'holding midfielder' please...he is a box to box midfielder...up and down...all action type".

Stani Army said...

Oh dear. I don't care what he is or what people think he is. I'm making the argument that he should stop trying to do something he's not very good at and concentrate on what he is good at. It is precisely this that got him rave reviews for his performance against Denmark (real proof, not the opinion of Rio Ferdinand). So you're both wrong.

In fact, look at the opinion of a manager, Harry Redknapp, who said Parker would be perfect because he could sit allowing Gerrard and Lampard to get forward.

Anonymous said...

He doesn't sit - never has sat and certainly wasn't sitting when he played for England.

Anyway where's Redknapps quote about sitting - I couldn't find it.