Thursday, 10 February 2011

West Ham Cursed! Keane Ruled Out For SIX WEEKS!

Oh dear God, would you believe it? Keane has been signed on loan to save us from relegation and has now been ruled out for SIX weeks! When Ba joined us, we thought he would be the one who would break down in next to no time, but we should have known better! Keane first but Ba is sure to follow. Well, you've heard the rhyme, "And everywhere that Robbie went, His lamb was sure to go!"

How long before we are back to Cole and Piquionne as the only options? I'd have money on Ba breaking down inside 20 minutes against West Brom personally. It's written in the stars isn't it? Well no, it's written in Ba's medical report actually!

And meanwhile Upson and Tomkins are both out, and both have injuries that are not going to clear up anytime soon. Da Costa is only just back from injury and could very easily break down again and Reid is horribly inexperienced at Premiership level. God help us if either of those pull up lame. Who plays centre half then? Specs? But he's injured too! Bridge? Then who plays left back? Ilunga isn't in the 25 man squad! So Jacobsen then, with Faubert at right back?

Just imagine a back four reading, Faubert, Reid, Bridge and Jacobsen. We are one injury away from it! Frightening or what?


Anonymous said...

One word, FUCK! Demba Ba, please save us!

el martillo said...

Oh my God; that's terrible. Not the news about Keane (though that's bad enough). That bloody picture!! You've put me right off my shredded wheat.

The most telling injury is the one to Tomkins, if he doesn't make a quick recovery we're doomed, no matter how many strikers we field.

John said...

Definitely cursed! whichever way we turn we hit the proverbial brick wall

Chunky said...

Its a shame we didnt get to see more of Ba during the Birmingham game. He did look pretty sharp from what i saw of him though and based on that performance, he will bring us goals.

Robbie is a loss for sure, but hopefully Ba will continue his uninjured run to the end of the season.

Anonymous said...

Well it says in this articel in the mail (I know, I know!) that "Grant will judge after training today whether new signing Demba Ba is fit enough to start at The Hawthorns............"

Really? There's doubts over his fitness? Presumably the thought was to have a player who would be able to contribute immediately?!

It's very easy to spiral in to a pit of despair at the moment isn't it.

Come on you Stratford Irons!!

Hammersfan said...

Oy Marty, the wife dressed up especially for the article!

el martillo said...

LOL. Oh my god, you are truly 'orrible! Still Alan Curbishley must have seen something in her!

Anonymous said...

Redknapp says "We need a new 60,000 seater stadium because we haven't got room to accommodate all the people that want to come and watch us every week."

hahahaha that'll cost a fortune - keep them out of contention for the next 20 years while they pay for it, just like Ar5enal - hahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

17:45 the voice of reason.... and a refreshing view to that of the Luddite HF