Wednesday, 16 February 2011

West Ham Floored By Hearnia

Ouch! So Barry Hearn has delivered a punch below the belt of West Ham's planned move to the Olympic Stadium, looking to snooker any attempts by the Hammers to move into Orient's backyard.

It's very unlikely that either Boris or Cameron will get involved - they are not going to stick up for Orient are they? There's a lot more votes to be garnered from West Ham fans!

However, Hearn may just hit the bullseye with his claim that the move is in breach of the Premier League's own rules. Which may just explain why the club seems to be doing its level best not to be in the Premiership next season!


Stani Army said...

So Orient's position is that no one (football team) should get the stadium? In a way, I hope they succeed but it wont happen because a football club taking over was the only real option for the OS after the Olympics, and of the football clubs in with a chance, we were the only real option.

It was discussed on BBC's Late Kick Off, London and the South East.

The rule Hearn is using is:
"6.5 [they would only allow a move if it] would not adversely affect clubs in the immediate vicinity of the proposed location"

But apparently, this is just one of 6 rules that is taken into consideration when giving clubs the go ahead to move.

The BBC programme received the following response from the Premier League: "Blocking the move would create a difficult precedent for any club in a highly contested urban area where land on which to build a stadium is difficult to come by".

Forward to 9 minutes in:

Hines is on twitter. I've added him to the feed HF.

Hammered said...

Personally I don't really think Hearn has a leg to stand on... Whats the current distance between the two grounds as the crow flies, 3-3.5miles??? We're already in the same territory as them, so when it comes to knicking future fans from them we'd all ready be doing it. But let's face it, the majority of youngsters these days want to just follow the big four, cos they don't want to be seen as losers. I just think that Hearn is hoping for a compensation pay-day from either us or the PL...

Stani Army said...

...are you saying he put the 'earn' in 'Hearn' Hammered? (Sorry, that was terrible)

Hammersfan said...

Get your coat mate!

Stani Army said...

What? It was better than yours! Hernia? Pfft


Anonymous said...

Stani - that twitter feed still needs a tweak - doesn't look good on Firefox (that's a browser hf). I'm always amazed how technical inept HF is for a Rocket Engineer, perhaps they don't use computers where he works, but that doesn't quite add up does it?

Anonymous said...

Leyton Orient play in Waltham Forest, West Ham United in Newham, the Olympic Stadium is in Newham, obvious choice is West Ham.

Chunky said...

Hearn's argument will not be entertained. If our move is blocked for this reason, it would basically mean that the Stadium could not go to any other team except Orient themselves.

All good and well but if some 'experts' are already doubting the long term financial viability of the Stadium with us as tennants, surely it would be worse if the O's moved in. This decidion would effectively leave the stadium derelict after 2012.

Sorry Bazza but fair or not, your argument hasn't got a leg to stand on.

Anonymous said...

HF i don't think Carlton Cole's inane twatterings are adding much to that top right corner. He's more of a plank than i thought...and i didnt start with high hopes

Stani Army said...

I sent him all the instructions. It's just a matter of changing two numbers. He is showing technostress and all the signs of a phobia....technophobia to be precise. It was common during the industrial revolution, about the same time that HF was in his late teens.

Thing is, the more we talk about it, the longer he will leave it. That's just the kind of irritating weasel he is. Right now he's probably thinking I'm trying some sort of reverse psychology on him and trying to make him change it, so he's gonna be even more resolute in his stance. Or has that last sentence reversed my apparent reverse psychology? Doesn't matter, he's still not doing it. (That's not meant as reverse psychology either)

Nice to see the team bonding. You reckon Grant's gone too?

Anonymous said...

At the risk of sounding like a turncoat,relegation doesn't fill me with dread.
Having actively followed my beloved Hammers since 1961 my pleasure has been in the quality of the football if not usually the results.
Last Summer I made the hard decision not to renew my season ticket as I realised that I'd probably only come away from the ground three times all season thinking that I'd enjoyed myself.
That said I've been to a few games this year and the only ones I've really enjoyed (apart from the freak result against Man. U,)have been the Cup games against Championship sides.I was at the Hawthorns on Saturday which was the worst first half and best second half I've seen in years.
I regard WBA as an honorary Championship side so if this NPower Championship football....bring it on!
I don't care about the finances of Messrs Gold and Sullivan and their Sky money.
I just want to enjoy my trips to the Boleyn before the bulldozers move in!

John V P

Hammersfan said...

em ot tnorf ot kcab lla si ygolohcysp esrever

Anonymous said...

14:30 sounds like more like the little used triple bluff to me.....

Stani Army said...

I disagree. I think Carlton's shown a side to him...couple in fact, that people didnt know he had. As for the tweets in general, they tell us things we cannot get from media outlets. I think it's a nice touch.

I would only take relegation if it meant G&S would no longer be at our club.

How many times did you check that to make sure you got it right? Be honest.

Damn, you've given it away. Now he'll never fall for it.

Hammersfan said...

?inatS tahw kcehC