Sunday, 13 June 2010

David Gold Curses Green

Explaining why we had not offered a new deal to Rob Green, Gold was quoted as saying:

"At this stage we are not going to have talks with him about a new deal.

World Cups change lives. It's the global shop window and who knows what may happen. We could get amazing offers - offers you can't refuse.

What do you do if Manchester United or Real Madrid, for example, come in offering millions of pounds?"

After last night's showing, Real Madrid have apparently decided not to table a bid whilst Manchester United are reconsidering as I write. On the plus side, Grays and Gravesend have expressed an interest. Both are in need of a back up keeper!


Stani Army said...

This is what happens when you take a leaf out of Sullivan's.....magazine.

Still, odds on our chairmen shutting up haven't changed.

The worst thing to come out of all this is we're gonna be stuck with Green at our club. At least the national side can now make changes having realised early on in the tournament.

Stani Army said...


"According to Opta statistics, Green made more errors leading to goals than any other player in the Premier League last season."

Even I'm surprised by that! Ooof.

Hammersfan said...

More than Spector???????

Sav said...

It can't be more than Spector! And you know he is still not released by the club. Maybe they intend to give him yet another try!!! A few more years to prove himself. Even the USA coach realised he is liability and to the bad luck of England he was not picked.

Anonymous said...

Strange as I thought he was a top goalkeeper and was gutted when the chairman basically said he has no future at the club.

The BBC quote and last nights performance suddenly highlight how little I know about football. Seems you two already knew how crap Robert Green is.

I still rate him highly and think he'll save England later in the tournament.

Anonymous said...

Cherundolo was chosen over Spector due to esperience. This is'Dolo's second world cup. If anyone watchec the confederations cup, they'd know that Spector isn't all that horrible.
And Green's mistake was lame, but the only one talking crap about him is the west ham owners, and i suppose england fans.

Stani Army said...

Sorry, forgot to add...

...article by BBC's new football correspondent, Jonathan Spector :)

Deane said...

The stat is "than any goalkeeper"