Saturday, 5 June 2010

Sullivan Wants Rooney

After chasing Henry and Beckham, David Sullivan is now interested in another famous name, Rooney no less. No, not Wayne, JR the Macclesfield player. Well, if he is good enough for Clough...No not Brian, Nigel!

Brings back memories of my Christmases as a kid, Mum popping up the market and bringing back Combat Man instead of Action Man...

I wonder who else Sullivan has on that wish list? Ferdinand. Anton not Rio. Ronaldo...the fat Brazilian. Terry...the one that used to play for Yeovil. Petrov...there's hundreds of thousands of those in Bulgaria. Cole...Cheryl to appear in one of his videos. Lampard...well Frank Senior is probably still a better bet for left back than Spector!

And when he signs up Cheryl for that porn video... "Cheryl love, I've signed up the perfect guy for the money shot scene. not Hugh unfortunately, Avram!"

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Stani Army said...

Hahaha! Combat man! I think we can all relate to mums doing that. Bless 'em. They were innocent though, Sullivan's just a sly son of mother.

Got me worried about which Beckham and which Henry he was after now.