Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Green Light For Rob To Go!

With the announcement that we don't propose to open new contract discussions with Rob Green any time soon, it seems that Avram, Sullivan and Gold share my opinion of the England stopper. He is good, but he aint great.

The big question is now, who have we lined up to replace him? Foster has gone. Hart isn't an option. There's the Palace keeper rumoured to be joining us but if he is good enough, surely he would be a Premiership player by now? Maybe David James is going to show up after the summer in South Africa but are you allowed to climb on a zimmer frame to take crosses?

Who else is there? I proposed we bought Harper from Newcastle before Unreal City bought Given but that is no longer an option. Perhaps Grant will be watching World Cup keepers closely. If all else fails, we could put McCarthy between the sticks. He might not be very agile but he would certainly fill the goal! (A point Carlton seems to be making in that picture!)


Anonymous said...

I wouldnt mind james and that argie eagle as a pair to fight for the shirt. Have to say I've seen Green play absolute blinders and have the odd off day too but will be sad to see him go overall. He is pretty steady - his stats are always good if you consider that stuff

Stani Army said...

Gold's at it as well!

"World Cups change lives. It's the global shop window and who knows what may happen. We could get amazing offers - offers you can't refuse.

"What do you do if Manchester United or Real Madrid, for example, come in offering millions of pounds?"


I wouldn't mind any of Guzan,
Fulop or Cudicini

TBI said...

Loads of people keep touting British keepers but there are an abundance of foreign keepers out there better and cheaper.

Hammersfan said...

Wenger doesn't seem to be able to find them!

Hammersfan said...

Cudicini would be a risk. Fulop looks ok.

Stani Army said...

...yeh but what do you think of his (Fulop's) keeping HF :)

Pete said...

I think Green is not replaceable, any decent team is built on having a strong goalkeeper.

I just can't see any real quality replacements available. So hopefully Grant keeps his eye's on any quality keepers at the WC!

Anyone heard of what is going on with the assistant manager role?