Friday, 11 June 2010

ITV Coverage of World Cup Off To A Tame Start

ITV have had 4 years to prepare for this but they looked as ready for the World Cup as...well as Zola looked for management in the Premiership. The panel were positively dull. How on Earth does Marcel Desailly keep his job? He is so tedious. Is it a throw back to the Ron Atkinson affair do you think? One of our commentators called him a black bastard so we have to employ him or everyone will think we agree! Ron was, of course, wrong to racially abuse the guy but I'm happy to say that Marcel is a boring bastard! At least Marceau had the decency to shut the fcangleterre up! I'm starting a new campaign, "Kick Desailly Out Of Football!"

Then there was Gareth Send Us To Sleep Southgate. No wonder he took Miserableborough down! By the time he's finished a sentence, I've nodded off. Just imagine Gareth trying to motivate Mido! What a combo!

Andy Townsend, to be fair, does, at least, employ inflection and displays some passion. Which is more than you can say for Adrian They Should Only Give Me The One Show Chiles. Boing Boing? Listening to his voice you might as well have Zebedee come on to say "Time for bed"! And amazingly he was in the bog when South Africa scored the opening goal of the tournament! "Excuse me guys," he allegedly said, "I've just thought about being on the couch with Christine Bleakley and have to go and knock one off".

Mind you, even Chiles couldn't outblunder the silly cow sent to witness the "excitement" of the fans in a South African village that has only just got electricity for the first time today! Having made that point a good fifty times, she then told us, with a note of surprise in her voice, that the fans don't normally watch games on TV, relying on radios instead! Like derrr, without electricity, how exactly would they be able to watch football on TV? With the honourable exception of Gabby Yorath, women should not be allowed to cover football on TV.

So, the BBC don't have much to beat do they? Mind you, just the thought of Hansen and Shearer is enough to put me into a coma!


Anonymous said...

What a rubbish post

Anonymous said...

Wow! you've added sexism to the all the other isms that you so readily support - I think the only one you haven't yet subscribed to is ageism

Hammersfan said...

Oh Adrian, stop replying to this blog and get back to the toilet!

Stani Army said...

Desailly's not so bad HF. He does make some good points, it's just his English that lets him down. Townsend's a talksport waffler. Agree about Southgate and Chiles. Can't believe ITV skanked Steve Ryder for this nonse.

Anonymous said...

Ron Atkinson didn't call anyone a black bastard. Didn't in fact racially abuse anyone. Made a racist comment true, bit thats an entirely different thing altogether. Get your facts right and stop twisting things to suit your (paranoid) views.