Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Will Grant Face A Work Permit Issue?

With Britains detained illegally in Israel following the attack on the Gaza aid convoy, West Ham and Avram Grant may find themselves unwittingly tangled up in the international incident. It seems inevitable that punitive action of some form must now be directed against the Israelis after this latest outrageous and illegal act, and coming on top of the bogus passports affair, patience may now be exhausted.

Last time, an Israeli diplomat with Mossad links was sent packing. Now a more general sanction may be put in place, with work permits for Israeli nationals declined until Israel agrees to act within the laws of the international community. Indeed, there is EU legislation that states that "every effort" must be made to fill a position with an EU citizen before a non EU resident can be given a job. In the present circumstances, the Home Office may question whether West Ham have satisfactorily met that criteria.

Grant was due to be unveiled as the West Ham manager yesterday but it did not happen. He remained in Israel for an extra day. Perhaps it will happen tomorrow. If it doesn't, watch that space very closely. Grant, along with other Israelis, may suddenly find that the world has lost patience with what is fast becoming a rogue state. Yes the Holocaust was terrible but it is not an excuse to ignore International Law 70 years after the event. If Israel won't play ball, the world may just turn its back on Israel.


Stani Army said...

You should have seen Dale defending them on Sky's newspaper review on Monday night. Never had him down as a Zionist but I hear the Conservatives are rife with them.

BBC saying Grant's on holiday until Wednesday and will be named in the next 48.

Sav said...

Well they will keep it in the family. The Davids are British Jews too.

Anonymous said...

If world opinion seismically shifts away from Israel in the next few days in the wake of this diplomatic incident can we expect the traditional HF "I predicted it here first" post. Haha, You sure you weren't present when it was drawn up on the back of a hanky by Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill?

Anonymous said...

actaullyno one actually sed it will be on tuesday not reliable sources anyway he se tto be named manangr on thursday

Anonymous said...

It has come to my attention that the work permit is going to be an issue.

Also Alvin Martin will run the team with Curbs whilst the permit issues
are resolved.

If need be the plan could be for Grant to be the Director of football
as a work around

Hammersfan said...

Like I said BEFORE Sky or anybody else picked up on it.

Pete said...

There seems to a problem! No meeting the press, no annoucement of the coaching team and no no. 2.

I look forward to see how this plays out! The whole appointment was so low key.

I also heard about Alvin and Curbs having some sort of role at the club.