Friday, 4 June 2010

Upson, King or Carragher to replace Rio?

So, the inevitable has happened: Rio has picked up an injury. He hasn't been fit for a year now so one muscle or ligament or another was always going to be pulled or strained. William Hills could have run a book on which bit was going to go first? 2-1 the back, 5-2 the knee, 3-1 a calf, 7-2 a hamstring, 6-1 the ankle, 25-1 a groin - well with a boat race like that!

So does Capello go with Upson or does he opt for the traitor Carragher or the punch drunk crock King? My money is on Ledley.


Anonymous said...

Even as a hammers fan its obvious that Dawson is the best of a bad bunch

Dave D said...

Maybe he will call up Dawson to partner king & drop Terry, Bad for England but I would laugh long into the night, Poetic justice & all that.

Shaun said...

Pulled muscle from fatigue? Strained ligament from an awkward twist?! Guess again HF! How about a train-crash challenge from the cart-pulling pachyderm that is Emile Heskey!?...his own team-mate! It beggars belief that full contact plays any part in an England training session on the eve of the World Cup!

Hammersfan said...

Better it happened now when a replacement can still be called up than in the first game. Rio wasn't fit anyway. That's why Capello was so desperate to have King and Carragher on board. A fully fit Rio would be missed; the half fit version who played against Japan isn't worth having.

Shaun said...

No 'half-fit' player should even merit selection HF, which is why I disagree with King and Barry!
But back to my shouldn't be happening at all during a squad training session. Ball-winning and tackling don't need to be rehearsed on your own players! Surely the risks are drummed into them?!

Dean Ashton's problems started with a 'tackle' in an England training session by Wright-Phillips. Dean Ashton is now prematurely retired from the game, whereas SWP is in South ironic!

Hammersfan said...

Have you seen the challenge? I heard that Rio tackled Heskey. The point is, he was always going to get injured. Barry is a huge risk I agree. King, however, is a different matter. I may be wrong but he seems injury free apart from the fact that he can't train! The way England train, that has to be good news!

As for Beano, yes that tackle from Wright-Phillips did for him but somebody else would have ended his career anyway. The guy was made from porcelain sadly.