Friday, 4 June 2010

New Manager - Where's The Buzz?

Has there ever been such a low key response to the appointment of a new manager at West Ham United? Remember the excitement when Zola got the job? Dear God, even the appointment of Roeder triggered some mild debate. But Grant? It's as if we still haven't appointed a boss.

And, of course, technically we haven't. Grant is still only the manager subject to a work permit being issued, and this blog was the first to highlight possible issues there. Grant didn't even show up for his own coronation. Maybe he heard about events in Cumbria and thought Israel sounds safer for the time being!

Presumably, we don't have to pay him until the work permit issue is resolved? That's a little bit of money saved! A four year contract sounds a little cavalier though - I hope there's a cap on the compensation payout. Or maybe there's a clause allowing dismissal if Grant ever embarrasses the club. I'm sure Sullivan knows a pretty whore or two who might lure Avram into a honey trap.

So, Grant is nearly our manager. Anybody feel like a street party to celebrate? No? Still, Gold reckons that, given time, we will warm to Avram. But will the backing ever be anything other than tepid? As I warned in an earlier post, it's a case of,, "Nice to see you Avram, to see you...nice."


Anonymous said...

Why would there be a buzz? We have know about the appointment for weeks, so its not really new is it?

And the Cumbria comment - bit much dont you think and very bad taste.

Hammersfan said...

Bad taste? Not as bad taste as Coronation Street running a story line about escaped murderers on the loose with guns in the same week as it happened, with Gail Tilsley on trial for an alleged murder in the Lake District. Perhaps if the people who made TV shows exercised a little more restraint, we might live in a healthier society. I don't think one line in a blog comparing the number of deaths by shooting in England to those in Israel is in particularly bad taste. Look at how Sky are filling up 24 hours of TV by interviewing people who once filled up with petrol when Bird was also on the same garage forecourt. "He didn't seem the sort who would do that". What does that mean for God's sake? Who does seem the sort? I almost felt sorry for the guy by the time all these "friends" talked about what a great bloke he was!

Anonymous said...

2 words GLEN ROEDER. the biggest buzz kill ever

apache said...

Upstaged by Liverpool!

Anonymous is right, we've known for ages.

There's also very little about him to spark debate.

He's done ok previously.

I also think it's indicative of the apathy surrounding West Ham at the moment.

Until recently, we could happily delude ourselves that good times were just around the corner.

Realisation with our massive debts plus the laissez faire attitude of the City's and the Spuds of this world mean that we're not catching them anytime soon.

Resignation to mid-table obscurity?

I think so.

Anonymous said...

I remember the appoinment of Lyall by Greenwood,a lot of fans icluding me thoght it was an in house yes man decision!
No buzz HF but he turned out to be possible our most sucessful manager?
Bernie Brown

Hammersfan said...

To be fair, Greenwood was still there initially in a General Manager capacity. Indeed, there was some debate about who would lead the team out for the 75 Final if I remember correctly. I do well remember that it was Greenwood who forgot to take the paperwork with him down to Plymouth, which is why Paul Mariner ended up joining Ipswich rather than ourselves.

Hammersfan said...

I'm more optimistic than you Apache. To begin, mid table will do nicely thank you very much after last season and I reckon Grant will build from there.

Anonymous said...

Rio ferdinhand is out of the world. injured in training. michael dawson getting called up to replace him.

Sav said...

I've read somewhere that Grant is expecting Spector and Upson to sign a new deal! I hope it is a hoax. If Av thinks that Spector is an asset that we should keep, I will soon be asking that perhaps they should bring Zola back. Or maybe not Zola, but anyone else other than Grant will do! I mean come on, don't they have any videos of Spector from last year to show him? Please release him so that I can relax. I don't care how good he may play at the World Cup or not. The guy is a liability. There is no way we can build a solid ream with this guy playing. If Grant doesn't realise this, I don't know what he does know.

Sav said...

Let me guess, did Wright-Phillips tackled him in training?

Straight4ward said...

Totally underwhelmed by Avram Grant, I’m afraid.

I just can’t see what he brings to the party. Torpor, possibly?

I desperately hope I’m wrong but I can see the relegation we so narrowly avoided last season becoming a brutal reality this season.

Hopefully we’ll experience a bit of a ‘new manager bounce’ at the start of the season and grab a few points but once this has worn off I see nothing but struggles ahead.
However, if we get off to a bad start then will pass through the Premier League quicker than a dose of Epsom salts through a greyhound.

And what is Sullivan playing at ffs? A sort of schoolboy wish list of players. Henry, Beckham etc.
Totally out of reach of our wage policy and, dare I say it, well past their prime. Surely this is just headline chasing?
Will he be deciding player acquisitions and disposals or will Grant get to make the decisions?

I expect this summer to be very much like last year. Our better players will sold ostensibly to finance acquisitions. Various names will be banded about as potential signings. None of them will want to join and we will miss out totally. Then there will be a mad rush to take on just about any old crap that is still seeking employment come the middle of August.

We ditch the manager that kept us up for the manager that took one of our rivals down. How does that work? Do G & S want someone who is guaranteed to take us down rather than someone who could only get near to it?

Anonymous said...

I disagree with you Sav. Spector is a right back who was played by Zola out of position on the left. He played well in last years Confederations cup and should be given another chance in his proper right back position.Most of his mistakes were through trying to move the ball to his right foot to clear it and being unable to tackle with his left foot when the attacker went down the line.

Sav said...

Although I totally agree with you that playing Spector out of position exacerbated the problem, I still believe he cannot be part of a robust West Ham defence for two reasons: 1. He is extremely slow for his position (left or right) and 2. He is prone to making mistakes because he is game is to straight and predictable. Playing him out of position made things worse, but after watching him making so many gaffes, I am sure Spector is not a premiership standard defender. If that is how we are going build the new West Ham then I am afraid Grant may become the first Manager to get relegated in consecutive seasons with two different teams.

T.I.S said...

erm, news of the world actually reported the work permit issues before you, sorry.

Hammersfan said...

Did they? I don't read TNOTW so I wouldn't know. Sure they weren't talking about the work permits of the girls working in the massage parlours?