Sunday, 20 June 2010

Terry Puts The Cat Amongst Capello's Pigeons

I have now heard more of the Terry interview and I am staggered at how frankly the former England captain spoke. This wasn't the usual, "We're all in this together" crap, this was a man who was prepared to go on record to say that Capello's tactics and selections are flawed. Quite what Gerrard and Lampard will make of Terry saying that "only Joe Cole and Wayne Rooney can open teams up", I don't know. And it will be fascinating to see how Fabio reacts to Terry revealing that some players "might have to be sent home" after the clear the air meeting this evening.

This all sounds like a player rebellion to me. Terry has taken on the mantle of captain, daring to say what Gerrard was perhaps not willing to express as the official wearer of the armband. By putting his balls on the block, Terry has shown that he is the true leader in the squad, albeit he is sounding more like a spokesman for the UNITE union rather than Fabio's England United.

So where do we go from here? The FA expect Fabio to resign if we don't make it through to the last 16 and Terry might just be tasting revenge for his sacking as England captain. It's never boring when England are at a World Cup is it? Well, except when the team are on the pitch!


Anonymous said...

I dont get it

Anonymous said...

Your England disgust me! Excuse after excuse, it's the ball, the vuzus, the fans and now the manager. NEVER the player's fault, they share an overwhelming feeling of entitlement. Absurdly rewarded and ceaselessly indulged, they expect unswerving loyalty from the fans. How dare they boo us!! was what Rooney was really saying. They have no respect for their manager, why would they? when they earn more than their boss. It's a F**king disgrace. I hope they lose next week. The USA will win the group because they play with passion and pride.

Sav said...

Nice one HF! I quite enjoyed reading this. Isn't it strange how quickly things can change in international football. I mean, look at the African teams (almost a total disaster), Germany, France, England and even Italy threatened by non-qualification to the last sixteen and almost all the Latin American teams (except perhaps Honduras) going through in flying colours! And let's not forget the Japanese and Koreans putting up an impressive show. I still think it's Brazil's world cup to win or lose (the referee tonight was a complete disgrace by the way). But if the top European teams pack up and go home next week it will really be something that never happenned before. It may be a disappointing, a little boring at times, but it surely is different from any other World Cup. It is interesting that the first cracks are emerging in the England team solidarity. Did Terry have a chat with his colleague Anelka before saying these things? Or did perhaps Terry gave Anelka some advice about how to treat his incompetent Manager?

Stani Army said...

Oh dear. Don't be surprised to see Upson and Dawson start the next game in central defence.

Poor sods, give them some drinks, let them gamble and invite some hookers for them, they're bored. It's not like they're in a privileged position is it?

You're making Terry out as some brave hero HF. Would he have said that had Capello been sat next to him? No! Sounds like rebellion to you but utter stupidity to me. Proof if there ever was that this guy has no brains.

Hammersfan said...

Why stupidity? He spoke HONESTLY. Is that stupid in your book Stani? Do you believe everybody has to be regimented? The Boss says it, so shut up and comply? If there's something wrong - and the performances suggest there's something very wrong - then don't the senior players have a responsibility to speak up? Interesting, Lineker, Shearer and co ALL backed Terry, saying it had to be said.

Shaun said...

Isn't it interesting how Terry is being lauded now for being 'frank' and 'honest' when the whole nation knows that deception and dishonesty are high up on this guy's list of attributes...just ask his Mrs!

His press conference to me sounded like well, exactly that...HIS opinion! Terry is NOT the England captain...his immoral activities put paid to that! He is not even the Vice-Captain! Yet he sees himself as some sort of team spokesman and figurehead?!
Very big of him that...when now we are led to believe that most of what he spouted is not the collective belief held by the rest of the team! He said there would be a 'clear the air' meeting with Capello? It didn't happen!
Player power has proved the undoing of the French, and if left to Terry, it will undoubtedly be the undoing of England!

I'll reiterate here...Terry is NOT the England, WHERE IS the England Captain?? Why no Stevie G giving a 'warts and all' scoop to the journos? Can he be arsed, or is he simply too busy playing darts with Wayne?! He's the Captain. He is the one who should command most respect and be entitled to speak on behalf of the players, not Terry! Capello's response to Terry should now be..."Hey JT, you know that Dawson fella that came out to replace Rio? Yeah..well he's playing instead of you!"


surely time for Jermaine and Crouchy?

H4MM3R said...

Hf is a cuking arse and a complete wanker?

Hammersfan said...

Is it because it is Terry or are all you guys brown nosed toadies in your place of work? I agree with Terry, if something is wrong - and CLEARLY SOMETHING IS WRONG - then the players have a duty to speak up, not bite their tongues and moan behind the manager's back.

With regard to Terry's sexual indiscretions, let he who is without sin throw the first stone. The holier than thou moral stance adopted on this issue staggers me and, I suspect, there are either lots of hypocrites out there or loads of very ugly guys who have never had the chance! If we are honest, given the opportunity, how many of us would say no to a beuatiful woman offering sex? This woman had split from Bridge by the time Terry shafted her, so I don't understand the big deal. There are rumours about Gerrard aren't there? And he was in that bar brawl too. Who is the better man? Probably difficult to get a cigarette paper between them! I know who I would want as my captain, somebody willing to stand up and be counted rather than nod and smile at the boss and whinge in private.

Hammersfan said...

Good call H4MM3R. I was wondering what it stood for!

Shaun said...

No HF, the players do NOT have a duty to speak up! 'Player power' is not an option!...the French team being a perfect example of that! The head coach/manager IS the man with the only AND last say! He says who plays, where they play and how they play!...and they do as they're told!
These vastly overpaid prima donnas' 'duty' is to wear their England shirts with pride and justify their selection by performing to the best of their ability in the game's biggest tournament...and NOT take it for granted and ponce about like a Sunday jogger whilst presuming the opposition is inferior!
So Gerrard is captain by default? Obviously Terry is still bitter about that...but he needs to deal with it by letting his performances (which have been average so far) do the talking and shut his mouth!

Hammersfan said...

I wouldn't like to work for a company or organisation that you run Shaun if you apply your philosophy in industry. I manage a department and would hate to think that my team would suffer in silence rather than voice concerns if they thought things were awry. It is this sort of neanderthal management that results in all sorts of inefficiencies in industry, with workers afraid to voice their concerns. Look at BP. Workers were too afraid to whistle blow about safety being compromised and look at the disastrous consequences.

Look at the Iraq war. Cowards accepted collective cabinet responsibility and did not speak out as they should. How many brave soldiers died as a result of that cowardice on the part of government ministers? You seem to be endorsing autocracy and a fascist approach to leadership.

Why did Capello allow Terry to talk to the press if Terry was not at liberty to speak his mind? What is the point of a press conference if players are scripted in what they can say?

Obviously, Capello has come down hard on the rebellion and yellow bellies like Lampard are back peddling at a rate of knots, leaving Terry high and dry. Can Capello now pick his former captain? Has he opened up a fissure in the squad by crushing opposition and working on the basis of divide and rule? It is the classic tactic of a weak and bullying manager. We have all seen them and hated them; why endorse the tactic just because the business is football?

The players spoke to Robson in 1990 and he handled the situation differently. But then Sir Bobby was a man manager and a decent guy; I suspect Capello is not!

Shaun said...

You hit your own nail on the head with a rubber mallet HF!'s not business, it's football. It's sport. Not politics, not! Kickin' a ball!

I do not endorse fascism, that's a ludicrous comment!
Capello is not autocratic. I'll bet there was nobody more surprised than him after Terry's comments. He wouldn't have expected it and he certainly didn't deserve it!

He coaches and trains then selects 11 players to go out and do their job to the best of their ability, and that means working as a team...a single efficient unit that is superior to the opposition. If they don't do that then THEY have failed! Once they cross the white line and run onto the pitch it is down to them, not him! If they come off the pitch having under-achieved and 'not followed instructions' as Lampard said, then THEY are responsible. They can not pass the buck to the manager. The consequences are their future non-selection...that's football!

Terry is simply passing the buck because he's a coward. Lampard was far more open and realistic today!
Capello is damn right...John Terry has 'made a big mistake'!!

DAWSON and UPSON for Wednesday and bye bye JT!!

Hammersfan said...

So Shaun, you agreed with the selection of Heskey and felt that gave us the best chance of defeating Algeria? You think Zola was blameless for what happened to West Ham last season? You don't think the workforce have any right to speak up when a manager is making mistakes that undermine efficiency?

Stani Army said...

Lineker, Shearer and co!? You can add Townsend to that list HF, and you're in esteemed company! I know which side I'd rather be on!

Terry speaking honestly? When? Wasn't very honest when he was shagging Bridges partner...or maybe he was saving all his honesty for now. The guy is a pleb HF.

Even if what he said had an ounce of truth to it, he should never have aired it in public...but of course, you need brains to do that. The example you gave of your work place doest apply HF because Terry voiced his opinion in public. There was no need. The guy is trying to play some silly game because Capello taught him a life-lesson.

Well look what happened today. Send a guy who has actually got GCSEs (Lampard) to do the press conference and we get a totally different story then we got from TodgerTerry. Like Capello is saying in that picture; Terry has bollocks for brains!

But forget that, did you hear what Capello said about Terry HF? :) He must be bricking it!

By the way, I would say no to that beautiful woman offering sex, and God is my witness.

Hammersfan said...

But Stani, you are a virgin so you don't know what you are missing.

Stani Army said...

...but we were all virgins HF....we all did not know what we were missing :)

...and just think how much better it will be having waited! In which case, YOU don't know what I'm missing either! :)

Hammersfan said...

Stani, one year into marriage and the waiting starts all over again!

Stani Army said...

hahahaha! Oh I think I'm more talented than that HF. I will be in demand....just got to find some way of getting Katie Melua to know I exist. I'm working on it though. If you do ever meet her, throw in a good word....not that you'd have any bad ones to say about me, of course.

Shaun said...

HF, from my previous posts you will notice that I voiced my objection to the selection of Heskey in the 23, never mind the Algeria game! The guy's a camel but he's not the issue here!
...and neither is Zola. He is not the England manager!

...and as for the workforce speaking out against muppet managers who don't know their arse from their elbow? How ironic you should mention it?!...because I tried that once and do you know what it got me?....five measly grand in compo for wrongful and unfair dismissal, that's what!!

Right now I'm thinking a certain Mr Bridge has a widening smirk spreading across his face, because a certain Mr Terry's gone and got egg all over his!!

Hammersfan said...

So, you think Capello was wrong to pick Heskey and shape the team around him, but Terry is wrong for speaking up because of this inept decision. I'm struggling here Shaun. Terry said it was his national duty to speak out and I agree with him. Capello was blaming "nerves", but the players disagree with him, they think it is down to shape and tactics. Sadly, only Terry was brave enough to face the manager up.

You have suffered because of incompetent management and yet you say an employee has no rights, he has to swallow the incompetence of his manager. Well Capello is our manager too, and I felt Terry was speaking for me, for a fan who wants Emgland to succeed, not crash out from a piss easy group because the manager is "Not for turning"! We know where that attitude gets us; ask a miner!

Shaun said...

Where does the premise that Capello selects and then shapes the team around Heskey come from HF? From what I've seen, right through qualifying, in the main he has stuck with a 4-4-2 formation that the players are familiar with which culminated in them qualifying for this tournament! They have played the same set-up against better and lesser sides and are well used to it.

Capello is not inept HF. His decisions and selections are based on expertise and experience. The FA did not pick his name out of a hat when thy appointed him. Likewise, Capello does not draw straws to select his players! They are supposed to be the elite of English football. He assumes they will perform as well and better for their country as they do for their club sides! He assumes that they possess the skill and professionalism to adapt to ANY FORMATION that he believes is best.

If Terry truly believed that he was right in speaking HIS mind, he would stick to his guns in the face of criticism!?
The fact is, he hasn't has he. He has back-tracked and admitted that he "went too far". He has humbly apologised to Capello. He has allegedly apologised to the rest of the squad. Big deal!!

His apology has undoubtedly been accepted by Capello, given the dignified professional that he is.
But if John Terry starts the game against Slovenia tomorrow, it will only be because of the lack of alternatives given the injuries and suspension!!

Hammersfan said...

You contradict yourself Shaun. In your last sentence you suggest Capello is a vindictive bastard, yet in the sentence before you claim Capello is dignified and has accepted the apology.

If Capello expects a player to reproduce his club form, which you state, why on Earth did he pick Green and Heskey? On club form, they should not be in South Africa, never mind in the first 11. Explain to me Shaun why heskey was preferred ahead of Crouch even if 4-4-2 is the preferred formation. Come on, you criticised the selection of Heskey so try to justify it!

Shaun said...

I wasn't inferring in any way, shape or form that Fabio Capello is a 'vindictive bastard' HF! Kindly do not twist things to suit your own argument.
Just because Capello has accepted his 'token' apology doesn't necessarily mean he'll select him tomorrow. If he's a man of principle, he won't! Why the hell should he?! I'm sure Upson and Dawson could do the job just as adequately as Terry has been doing up to now!...and I mean adequately!

How, exactly, do you expect me to justify Heskey's selection when I don't agree with it?! Bent should have gone instead of Heskey! As it is, Defoe should start instead of him tomorrow!

Hammersfan said...

How can you say the apology was accepted graciously in one breath and then say Terry will only play because Capello has no alternative? That is self contradiction. If you ACCEPT AN APOLOGY, the slate is wiped clean! Otherwise the apology has not been accepted!

So, Capello is a great coach but you don't agree with the selection of Heskey! Why is a "great" coach so blind when it comes to a key member of the team? If he is making a stupid decision, and Terry knows it, isn't Terry right to raise concerns? You seem to want to have your cake and eat it Shaun!

Stani Army said...

So what do you make of Terry trying to get England team mates dropped so his club team mate Joe Cole can get a game?

Good for squad cohesion? See the result of bollocks-for-brains-todger-Terry opening his gob without thinking?

Boy has Don Fabio put him in his place! The guy must feel tiny! Embarrassing. I must say, that once again Capello has dealt with it admirably well. Class act.

Shaun said...

Ummm, you may have noticed my use of the word 'token' HF?...when referring to Terry's 'apology'!
Capello has learnt enough about John Terry to know that he has the morals of an alley cat and his 'word' carries very little value! The guy's not bright enough to come across as sincere! That's exactly the reason Terry no longer wears the Captain's armband...and Capello saw to that!

Capello has merely gone along with the 'apology' because he knows he's short-staffed with limited options. If the apology is NOT genuine, and is perceived as such, then it counts for nothing. However, it may be beneficial for the recipient to go along with the ruse as a means to an end in the short term.
I don't do cake, but mark my words...Terry's days are numbered!