Tuesday, 22 June 2010

France Pay The Price For Ignoring Faubert!

Serves the French right! Never mind the hand ball that robbed Ireland of their place in the finals, they deserved to crash out for ignoring Julian Catching A Nap On The Bench Faubert. Surely after his epic exploits in the Claret et Blue last season, Faux Pas deserved the opportunity to prove his worth on the World stage.

How abject have France been in this tournament? It's a bit worrying that we are being linked with a clutch of players from the French ligue at the moment! When the going gets tough, the French...shrug their shoulders and give up!


Shaun said...

Les Bleux have paid the price because they foolishly allowed 'player power' to dictate and divide, they disrespected and ignored the head coach and played like a bunch of show pony individuals out of formation instead of the highly talented world class side that they purport to be!

England have experienced similar problems, but have managed to pinpoint and deal with the Francophile infiltrator, Jean Terri, steady the ship and now look forward with confidence and renewed vigour to beating Slovenia tomorrow and moving into the last 16.

Hammersfan said...

Or, alternatively, France paid the price of ignoring the concerns of the players and backing a manager whose tactics were flawed!

Shaun said...

Got it in one Monsieur HF, the Manager's tactics were floored...by his own prima donna players!!...who are now heading home in disgrace to face the wrath of the French public and media! Bon voyage les brats!

That's the same players who have been heavily criticised by Zinedine Zidane for their behaviour! He stated that when he was Captain, he answered only to his head coach, whose decisions and selections were NEVER questioned.

Deane said...

loving it and to make matters worse did you see the miss from that other west Ham target Yakubu

Stani Army said...

Domenech is a clown! Why they didn't get rid of him after the meeting they had after the Euros I dont know. The guy is weirder than Hoddle. He picks players according to their astrological sign!

How he left Nasri and Benzema at home for this world cup is just unbelievable.

Pablo said...

HF - Why are you so defensive of the players?

I agree that Domenech is not without blame and his selections and tactics are part of the problem but, as with the England squad, France have more than enough quality players in any first eleven from their squad to perform far better than they have - and in any formation.

The manager can only influence so much, ultimately its the players that have to deliver and show the pride they have in playing for their country.

The French players have done neither at this World Cup and each of them will now rightly have to take individual responsibility for their part in their shambolic and gutless campaign!

It was interesting to see Gary Lineker dispel the myth last night that Bobby Robson bowed to player power at Italia 90. He said that the media have always exaggerated what actually happened. Lineker said that basically Robson asked 3 or 4 senior players for their opinions about a formation change that he had in mind and that was it. Lineker was categoric that the players didn't approach Robson forst and he firmly believed that Robson would only do what he wanted and would NEVER have bowed to player power.