Sunday, 20 June 2010

Sullivan's Dressing Room Revolving Door Jammed & Stuck

After the early signing of Hitlersburger and the hasty departure of Franco, Mido and Ilan, the revolving door installed by Sullivan into the Boleyn Dressing Room seems to have jammed. Boa was on his way out just as the mechanism failed and had to squeeze his way back into the building, hopefully after a few days without eating to reduce that waistline. Meanwhile there is a queue still waiting to get out: Upson, Noble, Ilunga, Behrami, Tomkins, Noble and Cole have all got a ticket to ride somewhere else apparently.

Rumours continue to circulate linking us with players in France, in Africa and from South America. Given the names involved - and I've never heard of most of them - anybody might think 'Arry was back in charge. Apparently the Home Office have set up a new investigation branch in the Immigration Department just to deal with West Ham!

Of course, the World Cup may have thrown a spanner in the works, or it may be that Henry's zimmer frame has caused the problem. Or maybe all those massage parlour girls have caused the log jam. Let's hope they clear the blockage soon because for Bloggers like myself, it is getting increasingly difficult to report on any news relevant to West Ham. Perhaps Rob Green should be given another start against Slovenia? That should, at least, guarantee another catastrophic error!


Stani Army said...

Boa waistline? If all our 30-somethings were in tip-top like him, then we'd have a team.

We still await the marquee signing, with just two weeks to go before pre-season.

Hammersfan said...

He may be fit but he looked very "bulked up" when he was on the pitch against Man City. See him in the flesh and there is a lot of Boa to be seen - and that's BEFORE he drops his shorts!

Stani Army said...

...I'll take your word for it...ahem.