Sunday, 6 June 2010

Why Would 'Arry Leave Spurs For Liverpool?

There is a mad rumour circulating to the effect that Redknapp may replace Benitez at Liverpool. Now why would he do that exactly? Apart from the fact that Liverpool is a bloody long way from Sandbanks, there are a few footballing reasons that might discourage the old twitcher from making the move.

Here are five:

1) Tottenham are in next season's Champions League; Liverpool are not.

2) Tottenham are building a new stadium; Liverpool are not.

3) Tottenham have a strong squad; Liverpool do not.

4) Tottenham have money to spend; Liverpool do not.

5) Tottenham are on the way up; Liverpool are stuck in reverse.

Woy Hodgson perhaps. 'Arry? Not a hope in hell. Liverpool just are not good enough!


Anonymous said...

Point number 1 is incorrect - Spurs are in the qualifying rounds of the CL.

Dont count your chickens, look what happened Everton a few years back

Hammersfan said...

Point number 1, I don't give a toss, I support West Ham!

scally said...

i wouldnt want him at out club like every other liverpool fan

Hammersfan said...

Why scally? What happened to "As thick as thieves"?

scally said...


cos a he is not a good manger for starters you will see how good he is againts europe's elite and his contacts with that shite rag paper called the sun

patrick said...

Liverpool are one of the biggest clubs in the world! Who are Spurs?
Just another small club like Everton that finished 4th There nothing to worry about!keep you're bad Manager!!Enjoy You're 15 Minutes of Fame!

Anonymous said...

because liverpool are about a billion times a bigger club. lets be honest only man utd are a bigger club then liverpool in this country. so their is no way harry would turn that down. unless he is a donut.

Rick said...

good points, but you can't just have a 'cons' list without 'pros' as well. reasons why he WOULD join liverpool:

1)liverpool have millions more global fans than tottenham

2)steadying the liverpool ship and bringing any sort of success would arguably bring him more glory than than reaching the round of 16 in CL...for one year...with tottenham.

3)liverpool still have 2 players in the world XI, and until torres/gerrard actually leave the club then they will have a good chance of getting back in top 4.

4) nobody but liverpool executives actually know the current/future ownership situation. rafa was dismissed a month ago, yet most of us only found out 2 days ago.

5) if mascherano leaves, he will probably have a minimum of 40m to re-invest in the squad

but even with all that, no chance redknapp leaves this year. next year, however, is a certain possibility.

Anonymous said...

Who knows Daniel Levy may havesomeone in mind to take us to the next level, maybe thats why no contract has been signed Arry's getting on anyway.

Anonymous said...

Point #2 is incorrect too. Tottenhams new ground is still on the drawing board whereas Liverpool have been given the green light. Such a lack of simple research. I suspect not much thought has gone into the rest of this excuse of an article either.

Hammersfan said...

Ah Scally, it's the Sun wot done it again. I reckon it was the Sun wot got Rafa the sack. And the Sun wot made Robbie sniff those white lines. And the Sun wot persuaded Rafa to buy all those shite players. And the Sun wot own the club really, H&G are just front men for Murdoch. And, of course, the Sun wot led the charge in the Heysel Stadium. I reckon you lot will have a name change at some point, The Liverpool Sun.

Hammersfan said...

LOL 1004, you need money to build a stadium!

Hammersfan said...

So Rick, you're only expecting your new manager to last one year. King Kenny for a year before he walks away shaking his head? How about King Kev? Or King Tosh? You could always bring King Graeme back! Or what about King Mini Me Sammy Lee?

Shaun said...

Our 'Arry would leave Spuds at the drop of a hat if Liverpool waved enough wonga in his face!! Bung in...ahem, sorry...throw in a nice percentage of every transfer and a cushty offshore arrangement (no, not a timeshare on a private island!) and bingo, HR would have the Red nap hand with no FAQ's required!
Our 'Arry thinks that loyalty live in Buckingham Palace and ethics is a county in SE England!

MyCityIsIdeal said...

We know who you support and it isn't West Ham - Point number 1 you were incorrect in your statement and as usual don't have the manners or good grace to apologise... point number 2 wrong again... dear dear dear, won't hold my breath

Hammersfan said...

So when are Liverpool planning to start building the stadium and how is it going to be paid for?

Tottenham have the money ans are hoping to make a start this year!