Thursday, 3 June 2010

Great Headline On The West Ham Process

Full marks to another West Ham blog! The headline "McCarthy needs to bounce back" brought a smile to my face. As I read it, I had this wonderful picture of McCarthy being rolled to the top of the Table Mountain and then catapulted off in the hope that he might bounce his way through Africa, over the Sahara, through Israel, the Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Bulgaria, Central Europe, Germany, Belgium, France, through the Chunnel, Kent, through the Blackwall Tunnel and finally up Green Steet to the ground!

Who knows, after that little journey, McCarthy might just be ready to play up front for us next season. Well, look on the bright side, a beach ball did score against Liverpool last season!


Stani Army said...

...I wouldn't advise him to go through Israel HF. They may think his belly's full of weapons.

I predicted this guy would be big for us and I was right. Another exclusive! Next season, he will be huge.

By the way, squad numbers out and who's number 1? David James!

Hammersfan said...

Can't see how he can bypass it mate, some of the bounce would have gone out of him by the time he gets to the top of Africa. What other route would you propose?

Stani Army said...

...the other way around the world?

Or, if he can use Kilimanjaro as a kind of ramp, he'll need some momentum then won't he? Hmmm, and a place to land I suppose.

Avram and David Goldstein may have to put in a few calls; through Israel it is.