Sunday, 13 June 2010

Luckless Neill Appeals For Offside!

I must admit that I was calling for offside myself, but then I'm not down on the pitch. Great German goal, THAT is what Lennon should have done when through in a similar position and what a blinding finish! How disgraceful that Australia have taken to the field without a recognised striker. Cowards!

2-0 now. God this is an old and very poor Australia team! Great save on the line by Luckless to prevent it from being 3-0 but the old bastard was playing the German onside in the first place!

LOL Luckless now on a yellow. Bet in play? Go big on red for Luckless if the Germans bag a third!

It gets funnier and funnier! Third goal through Luckless's legs and fourth with Neill playing the German runner onside! Couldn't happen to a nicer bloke!


Sav said...

Germany is the first team I watched in this World Cup that played football like a genuine contender for the Cup. There is no comparison to this team to the one representing England last night. One should hope that England do not have to play this German team if the qualify second. I can only see one winner in such a game.

Hammersfan said...

We will beat them if we play them.

Anonymous said...

Of course there will be only one winner in that game... thats why it's called a 'knock-out' competition!

Hammersfan said...

LOL good point 0837!

Sav said...

Sorry for not spelling it out. I thought it would be pretty obvious to all with the will to understand that:

1. only one specific team can win that game, and even more obvious
2. which one of the two teams that would be.

But of course one can think whatever one pleases.