Friday, 18 June 2010

Unbeatable These Germans!

I said that people were over reacting to Germany's Waltzing Matilda victory over a geriatric Australian team, and the Serbia victory has proved me right. Don't listen to the "we was robbed" crap from any German apologists, Klose should have collected his first yellow card earlier than he did, and the "second yellow" that secured his red was a deliberate foul from behind. Stupid yes, but a worthy booking nevertheless.

As for the missed penalty, well Germans don't miss penalties do they? Which is why it was stupid to let a Pole take it! And anyway, it was a crazy, crazy penalty to concede in the first place!

I reckon Ghana may now dump the Germans out. Serbia will beat Australia, giving them 6 points. Ghana will beat Australia, taking them to 6 points. A draw in the Ghana v Germany game will see Ghana finish top and Germany OUT of the competition! What an amazing thought that is!

Now, all we have to do is beat Algeria and Slovenia. Come on England!


Sav said...

So are the English! Except, England can't win or even score lately. Pathetic performance once again against the Algerians tonight. Sorry HF, I am not impressed. Now England needs to win against Slovenia to go through. Even if they do get through however, I do not remember a worse England team in the last 40 years than this one. There is no movement, they can't pass the ball and no creativity whatsoever. Algeria could have won the game if they finish better.

Franz Beckenbauer said...

Ich möchte im namen der Deutschen Fußballmannschaft entschuldigen! Wir geschissen! Wir spielten Stoß und Ansturm und er arbeiteten nicht! West Ham unter Zola konnte uns schlagen!