Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Money For Nothing!

So Housing Benefit has been capped at £440 per week. What the fcuk? This is the Tories getting tough on the benefit culture is it? How in God's name have we arrived at a situation where the state is paying anybody £440 A WEEK in housing benefits alone? Is it any wonder people won't work if they can collect that sort of money just for sitting on their arses? That's where my bloody taxes are going!

This is taking the piss. Nurses don't earn much more than £1600 a month and have to work night shifts for that. Meanwhile, some lazy good for nothing sits on his doorstep smoking fags whilst the poor nurse pays her taxes to house him. People moan about the ludicrous salaries footballers earn, but at least they are not leaches living off the state.

Tonight, on the local London news on BBC, a woman emailed in to say that she was an unemployed single mother with two children and a "third on the way", and she wanted to know how the budget would affect her. We could start by making any future benefit payments conditional on her having her bloody ovaries removed! Never mind The Game's Gone Crazy, the whole bloody country has gone crazy under Brown and Labour!


Dave D said...

That the spirit HF, I could not agree more.

Maybe in a few years Gold & Sullivan (when they have finished with us) will step in and sort this county out.

Christ knows, it needs it.

Deane said...

nobody would need that sort of money if house prices hadn't gone through the roof in the eighties and the banks hadn't squandered the nations future or in fact the tories hadn't decimated the standard of education so I think you'll find the country actually went crazy under Thatcher

Ian in Annapolis said...

Have silently enjoyed your posts for some time - especially appreciate your efforts apart for .org. Stick to football, mate, if you will.

Anonymous said...

kevin in manchester writes

swallow and angry pill this morning did you .. this'll make you puce then..

an extract from a press release I have just received..

Leslie Morphy, Chief Executive of Crisis, said: “These cuts to housing benefit will lead to serious hardship and homelessness. Already housing benefit levels are inadequate, failing to cover the cost of renting for many people. Our clients tell us that they face problems meeting essential bills and get into debt because of these shortfalls.

What makes the reductions in housing benefit even more disturbing is that they come at the same time as cuts to affordable housing budgets. With 4.5 million people already on housing waiting lists the pressure on the limited amount of accessible housing in the private rented sector will only get worse. Despite the government claiming that it will protect them, these budget measures will hit the poorest.”

Oh and my wife is one of them nurses.

Anonymous said...

It didn't just happen under Brown and labour - its been going on for years. So many lazy thick scrounging people in this country.

I feel sorry for those genuine people who have lost their jobs and must be at their wits end worrying about money and bills etc but the large majority of the unemployed are quite happy to be where they are.

I know a young girl with two children who is having a third child just so she can jump up a category in housing benefit.

Anonymous said...

i had talk sport on earlier and harry redknapp was on their. and he said that hes heard that west ham are trying to sign a french striker for 12 million. does anyone know who this could be.

Hammersfan said...

Thiery Henry!

Dave D said...


Loic Remy