Friday, 4 June 2010

Everton's Rodwell should be in South Africa

Hopefully Walcott will "come again" and be a star for England in the future, but if Capello should have taken any kid to South Africa, that boy would have to be Rodwell. Jack is a future England captain, no question.

Rodwell isn't ready yet, and Capello is looking at the here and now, plain and simple, which is why Carragher, King, Heskey, Upson and Wright-Phillips all made the cut, but if anybody was worthy of a wild card selection, it is Rodwell. Given the average age of Capello's squad and the dearth of young talent around the Premiership, Rodwell must be the future of English football, so a World Cup to attune himself might not have been a bad idea.

How many of the present squad will still be around in 4 years time? None of the following for sure: James, Ashley Cole, Carragher, Ferdinand, King, Lampard, Crouch, Heskey, Barry or Upson. To be there, Gerrard will have to reinvent himself because he will not be able to cover every blade of grass aged 34.

Injuries permitting, my money would be on the following 11 to start the World Cup in four years time, if we qualify!

Hart: Johnson, Dawson, Tomkins, Gibbs; Lennon (or Walcott), Rodwell (capt), Joe Cole, Milner, Johnson; Rooney

What about Wiltshire? Bring him on when old man Cole tires!


t_henderson said...

Gibbs is toilet.

Stani Army said...

Bit early to say I think HF. He might just turn out to be another Carrick. I think all the recent hype was agent tactics in trying to get his client a better contract. It worked though with Everton giving him a new one.

Tomkins? Did I just read that HF? Remember Elliott Ward? He showed much more potential than Tomkins for us. Couldn't believe we sold him. Ward's unlucky to be where he is now, but I fear Tomkins will go the same way.

Dawson's having just one good season. I would have Cahill and someone else. Maybe Smalling if Rio can take him under his wing.

T.I.S said...


Hammersfan said...

No T? Oh shi